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    morning ladies, sorry for the BFNS :(… i can also join that tho, i tested this morning BFN… 3 days late, oh well obv another side effect from stupid Clomid!!



    i’m not testing till AF is late



    I did feel an achy or crampy feeling on my left side…it felt like I was having my period.


    eeyore – yes I am 11 dpo and still testing haha! Asell – most women dont stop eating cold cuts till after the find out about being PG just like Drinking Caffinee or Alcohol so I beleive that you will be fine. I know TONS of women who eat it and fish daily .. so one sandwich before you get a BFP I think is ok =)



    Do you ladies think there’s a good chance of pregnancy if we bd’ed once a day for the 4 days in a row before I ovulated, but not the actual day I ovulated? Babydusted–We were so tired last night, we just fell asleep too!



    I never get above 98 degrees lol.



    Taylor I do. My temp drops the day before i O : My temp drops and then that afternoon/Evening iget a positive opk and hten my temp rises a little the next day and spikes high the day after that



    (((((((BIG HUGS))))))))) Eeyore!! Vent away! 🙂


    i keep going back to look at my dried up HPT and theres defo 2 pink lines there. i will re-test again with a IC on tuesday, if its darker ill get a digi wed and test thur when i will be 4 weeks…..



    Put a pic up- I will look at it



    Thanks for the advice Kristy, this is all new to me, have been pregnant 5 times without trying (2 children, 3 m/c) & the 1st time we actually try, nothing, how ironic!



    Ok ladies exciting news on my front, I have a friend who is about to have her second child this week sometime, the doctor said they would induce her. Also I have relised that I am about a month away from TTC WooHoo!! Sorry Sad I know but unlike you guys I haven’t even been able to BD so just waiting but next month it will finally be my turn to try. Fingers crossed for us I am sure I will probably write here on the subject before then but yeah an ok day today hopefully next month will be my month. 🙂



    Help! I’m so confused and starting to get concerned, I’m always regular…but I’m 5 days late. I keep taking hpt’s in the morning and they come back negative. What’s going on?


    Member & amanda – I would test every 2 or 3 days and you very well may find that it’s not an evap but a bfp that took a long time to show up because the hcg is so low. Not trying to create false hopes for anyone, just evaps usually don’t have color.



    babydusted, your TMI comment made me lol!!

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