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    Harlan Cory sounds nice.


    Well ladies there is nothing new going on with me. Just found out that my sister in law and friend of mine is pregnant. I can’t wait to see what happens next week if af will show up or not. Hope all you ladies are doing well.


    Just wondering how soon is too soon to try for #2?



    12DPO appox, BFN. Think it’s possible to still be in this month? Hmph. I’m thinking implantation would’ve happened by now if so, so if BFN tomorrow morning, AF will be due over the weekend…



    Hi to everyone today. I was having what i believe was oing pain on Monday. Now I’m having somewhat of the same type of pain. Does anyone know if it could be that I didn’t o on monday and am oing today. I’m sooo confused



    Luv2teach- I also read that the bbt sometimes dips a little during implantation…


    I didnt realise all that other stuff…ouch 🙁 I dont think ur being a drama queen babe its ur life xx



    Good luck terriann20 🙂



    It doesn’t put it out, he’s just a toss.! Maybe ill leave it the weekend if still nothing then ill ring on monday. . Lc that’s great that he’s dne all that for you and I hope charlottes bites get better . My neice has the same kinda thing with a mozzy bite on her foot but she’s illergic



    anyone nearing the end of their TWW? this has been the longest two weeks ever!!



    amber hurry and get one you might have a little suprise!



    Added pix of my test on my page. First two pix. Take a look.



    I had to share, dh is just being so cute, before he came back for his visit he would call maybe twice a week if I was lucky now he is calling almost every second day LOL!! which means he is excited usually or he is missing us but he doesn’t sound like he is missing us that much yet so I am thinking he is waiting for me to confirm we are pregnant I keep telling him I don’t think I am but he keeps calling probably will until my second period, but thats only because with our daughter I didn’t find out I was pregnant until after my period. though he is too manly to admit he is excited. LOL!!



    Congratulations Caniacmom!



    well checj out my pic my opks have been getting darker and darker and i had ewcm two days ago…i baby danced on the 9 10 11 and again tonight and tomorrow
    i had small painfull cramp on left side omg the 28th of may wont come early enough hahah

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