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    Loopy- I think that the FRER tests are all doing that. I never had that before I started using them again last month.



    welcome back kelley82879 I too should be about 4dpo if i did indeed ovulate this cycle I got a peak on my digital monitor 5 days ago but Ive gotten clear positives on the cheep opks for the past 6 days. Ive been taking the cheep ones since my miscarriage beginning of September and they were low hardly there lines but for the past week they have remained as dark – darker than the control. SO i have no idea whats going on im hoping I ovulated when my monitor gave me a peak but not sure why im still getting positives. Welcome to the crazy TWW. When do you plan to test or start testing if your like me and need to POAS lol



    Can you tell if it’s open or not Brittany? Usually just before AF, a firm cervix will lengthen (be low) and open. That sometimes does not happen until spotting has begun. I’ve had a high, firm cervix at 10am, only to go to low, firm and open by 1pm. Don’t count on cervix position to tell you too much. Did you take a HPT test? If AF is late then you should get an accurate result. Good luck!



    Congrats to all the BFP’s! Exciting! We struck out this month. Let’s see how next month plays out! Good luck everyone!



    bsbabyblues- dont worry it will be fine i feel the same way sometimes… things will fixes them selves…



    mama bri- im sorry…how did u get 2 pos, andthen the rest neg?



    Hi ladies it’s been awhile since I’ve been here now back again been trying for 6 months now but no luck yet ovulated yesterday the 1st and bd on the 31st hoping we caught the egg 2ww wait started today. Anyone else waiting?



    Berrynice……yes even as a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was get married and have lots of children. I think it was always going to be 6 but then I got addicted. lol Now I guess I’m nearing the end of my childbearing years and the thought of not discovering yet another beautiful child leaves me a little sad. I have very rarely commented on here because sometimes I feel guilty that I have been blessed with so many children while some of you have been having a heartbreaking time trying to conceive even one precious baby. I truly feel for all of you and wish you all the very best success with your bfp. 🙂



    Thanks Midwest and Diane!! Im feeling good My daughter says there is a baby in mommy’s belly. 🙂 That makes me feel good…of course! haha! My friend had her little girl this morning!!!!!!



    blessedbaby2be – If you ‘O’ for 12 days and you ‘o’ late you will still ‘o’ for the same 12 days so thats a YES



    Wow!! Loving all the BFP’s in the last couple days!!! Congrats girls!!!!!
    I finaly got my OPK!!!! SO reliveived. I dont think i can go by my cm for signs cause i had so much 2 days ago and then nothing much yesterday when i got the opk. We are doing our best to bed everyday.So far so good. I really wanna catch this one.



    I’ll have him Lucky!! your man is gorgeous x you are a lucky lady x



    Wannabe, you’re stronger than me lol if I had a test in the house right now Id be peeing on it and I am only 5dpo! Good luck tomorrow!


    well i’m a little freaked out right now. my friend and i were suppose to meet up with her aunt about a fashion show we were suppose to help her with in May. it was snowing really bad yesterday here so we called and canceled. well found out today she was murdered last night around the same time we were suppose to be there.



    Looks like a lot of us will be testing around the same time, how fun (baby dust!)!!! My AF is due Nov 9th so I’m a little behind some of you..Refinnejlee – We are a day apart!

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