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    Ok Ladies – I am sooooo confused!! AF arrived, stayed 2 days, disappeared, came back for one afternoon, disappeared and now I have some spotting. I did an OPK strip and there are 2 lines on there although the test line isn’t quite as dark as the control line. Now I know that is a negative, but I don’t normally get a test line when I am only on CD6 at all. What do you guys think? Should I become a test fanatic and haul rump to Dollar Tree for their one dollar specials?



    Thanks 2010, everything happens for a reason. I’ve fixed a couple of health problems since then, so hoping for a sticky BFP soon.



    ok, so I have a really werid question for everyone, so my af is leaving. But here is the thing, this af has been really werid. I have had some cramps but it has been mostly in my back. And normally when I have my af it has clots and tissue (I know TMI) in it. But this wasn’t like that it was more runny then anything else (sorry again TMI). But I still have this nagging head head, I am still having heartburn, and my BB are still itchy and they feel really full. What do you guys think, do you think that it was my actual af or do you think it was something else, and I should take a test tonight just to be sure?



    I really hope i get to quit my job today lol



    Good morning ladies, I wrote a poem at 1.50am this morning. I have dedicated it to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Eggs, its my latest blog! I hope you enjoy! haha……dont worry, I wont give up the day job x



    I think the only thing that is keeping me from testing is that i have no pee sticks in the house…lol



    Good morning ladies! RUBY – I think temps rise when you ovulate and drop when AF is arriving.

    LALA83 – HPT’s dont’ work for some women – for some reason their HCG doesn’t register on the test



    2x, sometimes when we count ourselves out, we are very much ‘in’ LOL! This morning I threatened my ovaries with Clomid. I am making good on my threat to cut back on sugars and gluten – my body is relenting I think, and may allow me to get pregnant before March (when I will likely follow through on the Clomid threat!) I am keeping things very natural, and relaxed – no forced BD schedule. I’m still going to do BBT because that does not stress me in the least. It just gives me an idea of when to know when to test (or not to test!) purely economical so I don’t POAS when I don’t have to!



    For anyone who’s interested, I draw up a picture of my chart to show use what I mean about the 2 big drops I just added that and a new photo of tahlia on my page.


    I’m scared of testing too early, I will wait til a digital can pick it up if I miss AF. Just read too many times about how even the healthiest women miscarry w/o even knowing, it implants but sheds away days later described by women as a ‘late periord’. So, I don’t want to get my hopes up if thats the case, seeing a positive, then not sticking, will be heartbreaking.

    I’ve had a miscarriage once, which resulted in a D&C scheduled on my birthday that year (he/she was 9 weeks) though it was discovered an inviable fetus during a dr’s appointment when I was 13 weeks. Though this was years ago, in 2003 and I’ve had a healthy baby girl in 2006, I still remember the devastation. But anyways, I dont want to put myself through that buy getting excited at a BFP by early detection.


    Thanks Rach… I was thinking the same thing… the baby must be nestling in there very well and getting nice and comfy! I’m assuming it’s implantation bleeding. I have long cycles, it’s too early to have a m/c and I have never spotted in the middle of my cycle before.. maybe a day before AF but not weeks. BUt it still makes me paranoid. I never had any bleeding with DS, so it’s new to me, plus its been 5 days of very very light only when i wipe brown blood. But I hear that some people it lasts quite awhile. I’m just waiting for the store to open! 🙂


    Thanks Heather, was thinking probably O symptoms getting prematurely excited here~ lol



    Sure! Whatcha feelin?



    Assuming that all sticks! I THINK that it will be around 14-weeks….I am going to see my Dr. tomorrow and then I will see the maternal fetal medicine specialist that I saw last pregnancy (that’s a whole other story- my pregnancy with DS WAS HORRID and I had a whole cervix)…..It is a sucky procedure from what I understand and I could go into labor- BUT, I am NOT having that! Everything will be fine!!!!!



    Hello Ladies!!! April is am soo proud of your TTC super powers as demonstrated in not testing. You ROCK!! Kristen, I really think you will get your BFP this month…as a matter of fact, while I am believing, I believe ALL of us will get our BFPs within the next 35 days!!! Any one in???
    My last cycle began Nov 20, I say I O’d on 12/7, FF says it was 12/10. My cycle runs btwn 29-31 days. This is day 32 and still no sign of AF! I tested this morning and got a BFN. I thought it was too early for a BFP so I wasn’t disappointed. My temps are still up, which NEVER happens. So I am praying that I am able to give my DH a BFP for our 3rd wedding annivesary on the 24th and can call all of our family on the 25th with the Merry news.!!! Baby dust to us all!!

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