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    mambri – I wouldnt wait to get that checked out…if your appentix burst it can be very dangerous! ‘The end result of this cascade is appendiceal rupture (a ‘burst appendix’) causing peritonitis, which may lead to septicemia and eventually death’ Thats what I just read on a website. I had mine removed when I was 12.



    E, my DD got up the other night at 3am with gas pains and she would not go back to sleep, we let her sleep with us that nite but she slept fine in her crib the next night, u just have to be consistant….i know what its like tho, i couldnt bear to see my baby in pain yet i was soooo tired (she didnt go to sleep until 5 am) but i gave in to her 🙁



    CONGRATS prayingforlittleone!!! that is awsome!! damnkat- sorry you are going through all that 22 mos wow you’re a trooper keep your chin up love. kcpmommy- I don’t even know what to say seems a bit nutty if you ask me 🙂



    I am completely the same – I finally got my first +ve OPKs this cycle but now I am not soo sure that I did ovulate since my scan 2 weeks ago showed that I haven’t Oed for some time but my temps reight now are indicating that I have. I have also been really tired but that could just be anything lol


    yeah same liamandparkersmommy. i love all u ladies but ive been here since Feb and so ready to move into the weeklies now, im just hoping give it a few round sof Clomid and ill get my BFP. i have a summer baby and im soooo ready for a winter baby so maybe xmas time i fall or new year woud be ovely x


    Yes it helps thats what I thought just wanted to make sure tho. Thanks



    Thanks Alicia! Dont feel selfish!! You seem caring and like a wonderful mother…you deserve another baby in your life if you so please!



    sorry to hear that mum-2, but if AF is not here, you’re still in the game!



    mommitoabi…that’s how my hpt using the dollars store one looked 4days after a missed period. Please think positive.



    hmm… cheese, pasta noodles, chicken, pork chops, tomato sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms. All the basic stuff like spices, flour, eggs, rice too.



    I feel sick but think its down to a hangover rather than morning sickness!!! Tested yesterday at 11dpo but bfn so went on the lash at a wedding last night and am suffering now!! Lets hope next time I feel ill in the morning its cos of morning sickness!!



    Janet: with such a long cycle, it will be hard to pinpoint when ovulation happened. When you have your first ultrasound they will be able to date the pregnancy fairly accurately, so that should give you a better idea. When your OB told you you were two weeks pregnant, they likely meant two weeks from conception. We usually add two weeks on to how far we are since conception, so that would have put you at around 4 weeks pregnant when you found out, and about 5 weeks pregnant now. Congrats! 🙂



    Its not stupid when it comes to wanting something so badly 😉 a lil crazy but not stupid 😉 xx



    it could also be that round ligament stuff too cuz, it keeps switching from side to side lol.



    Waiting that is so horrible, she is in my thoughts such a sad thing to happen. Thanks hoping will go have a look now.

Viewing 15 posts - 45,631 through 45,645 (of 131,346 total)

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