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    I am seriously frustrated! I wish AF would just come! I had a BFP on Wed, followed by 3 BFN. I went out and bought one of those clear blue digitals and it was frustrating to see NOT PREGNANT! I have thought about having #2 but when I got the faint BFP I decided that I want it now! So frustrating! it doesnt help that I am feeling under the weather and it is 730pm and I am heading to bed! All the BFN make me think I was seeing things! 🙁


    Spotting last night. ER, was told I miscarried at 4 weeks. That is a chemical pregnancy right? My HCG levels were at 2. Totally sucks. I blogged about it. Baby dust to everyone. Im not giving up. Im very sad, but im determined. BUT i will not POAS before AF is due again!



    well im not goin to test just wait and see if my period comes…i gues that will be the test . i usually know if its coming anyway. so im waitin till tues morning. i hope it doesnt come. i wanted to test tomo but my husband said na just wait. so im goin to . its hard to tho aye….i have really painful periods. and ovulation so i really dont want to do another month so i really hope this month is it. this will be my fourth cycle trying since i stopped breastfeeding my lil boy 🙂



    Sure Janet!


    Thanks Janine. I will try to keep positive, thanks for your insight and I hope your right! :O)


    Our bding revolves around ds too we either have to wait till he is asleep or lately while he is in school coming home in our lunch breaks 😉



    im on day 15 and still havent ovulated



    Clayli – I still blame the fact that FF ‘knows’ you are in a clomid cycle – maybe it does not predict O the same as it would on a non-clomid cycle. Based on your symptoms, I’d say you have O’d… you can search FF for Clomid charts and see if you find similarities… hmmm, maybe I should not be adding fuel to a fire that can lead to chart obsession!! LOL… not long before testing, thank goodness!



    when i finally got pregnant i knew it before i tested. looking back my behavior gave it away. without even trying I read the whole baby section of a book I’s like i was hungry for information..i also was craving carrots and said the word ‘craving’ quite a few times. i also drove off in a strange town trying to find a pregnancy test because ‘i knew was pregnant’ i never found one but still knew, this was Christmas Day. oh, also christmas morning I said a Christmas prayer that went dear Jesus if I am really pregnant I pray its a boy and that he will look like my brother (little brother died)..both came true!! so say your prayers..they help..we tried for 5 years and i was 39..good luck to all.:)



    Congrats Rylansmommy!



    oh and im in week four 🙂


    I can’t even type I was laughing so hard.



    Thanks Lk and Turtlefur!!! I hope everything is going well for both of you!!



    Ok CD27 here so I normally expect AF to come in about like 4 days or so… I O’d though only like 3-4 days ago so does the time I should expect AF change? Or do I expect it the same regardless of when I O?



    One more thing;; any of you ladies not having sore BB’s but having sharp pain in nipples? i know TMI

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