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    yay wyattsmommy. I hope they can give you some solutions and quick. Keep us posted on how it goes for you. I am feeling less pregnant today so it must have been a darn flu. drats. being the glutton for punishment I am I will test tomorrow but I am fully expecting to see a BFN. Hopefully if I take the vitex my next cycle wont be 77 days, and hopefully if I am not pregnant AF actually comes and doesn’t make this cycle longer than 77 days… blegh. Was really hoping to be done and not have to worry about it anymore.



    inside you knwo where….tmi!



    oh good grief…I thought that the 2ww was gunna be easy as pie…WRONG…I have been on pins and needles for the last 6 days now. I don’t know how I am going to make it to the 21st like I originally planned…I might test in 8 days and be an ‘official’ 2ww. I am just a big bundle of nervous/excited energy and I feel like I am going to just burst at any second!



    cleopatria01 – is feels like if I were going to get my period that sign and feeling you get but I know I will have it until next month, I bding on the 8th so I am don’t if i should try tonight too or what? am I ovulating right now or am I about too?



    I think I have a problem. I wanted so bad to try last night…. Hubby denied me this since we had talked and agreed earlier in the month on waiting another couple months… But I had changed my mind.. I talked to him and told him why… But he said no… My feelings are hurt, but I get why he did it…



    phoenix8098 – How are you feeling?



    OMG OMG OMG…I just did an OPK and got a POSITIVE! That is the first postive OPK in MONTHS!! I am over the moon…I was so fearful that I wasn’t ovulating. yeahaw! We bd last night and we will do it again tonight and tomrrow. When I typed all that in on FF it put my at ‘High’ chances of getting preggo. Woot Woot!!
    I am giggly that I may have a chance this cycle, but more so giggly that perhaps that ‘fertilaid’ is doing the trick!! woot Woot



    Enjoy the romance girl xx



    Sorry about all the BFN hopefully some of them turn into positives 🙂



    Congrats Phoenix and all the other BFP’s. I still have a few more days and honestly think I’m just imagining my symptoms. Been completely lazy today barely even playing with my DS. I even tried to get him to take an extra nap today so I could relax and be lazy but it didn’t work out, he was up 30 mins later! He’s down now so we’ll see how much laziness I get to accomplish!


    Mavy, I am 4 dpo and I have also had a increase in CM since O not too bad today, but 2nd and 3rd day after O were heavier. Looks like we might be on the same cycle…..good luck to you!



    Ohh, more BFP’s 🙂 Congrats Canadian!



    Well just hanging out and laying back. Trying not to think about making sure I get pregnant so just been taking my prenatals and sexin up my husband….keeping it fun. My o days are coming up this week…I’m going to go by that cough syrup tomorrow.that will make it five days before ovulation….so….goodluck ladies and let’s have fun catching our eggs….hahaha fx.



    haha speaking of BD marathon hubby and i are on day like 7 now lol and we’re going to keep going. he of course is loving it



    I have such sore swollen gums and it feels like I have done a hundred sit ups, my stomach muscles are so sore, hopefully this will be our month. I am only 4DPO.

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