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    Hard to say Kristy – every woman is different after having a baby – hormones are all over the place for months… best to just run it by your doctor


    Well contrary to my super strong feelings of pregnancy a few days ago-my dullness, cramping and cm have subsided-Im still very eager to see the outcome-albeit im pretty sure i know what my outcome will be-but the thud ive had in my abdomen for many days now is gone-so I can mentally focus on my transfer in less than 22 days! i will still poas on wednesday just for the enjoyment! Nothin like peeing on a stick, bringing to the brightest light in the house, squiting my eyes, then tearing it n pieces to try to see any fragment of a secondline lololol-ahhhh such small joys


    Fx flutterbi that the line gets darker, did u test with FMU?



    I wrote a note on my page if anyone wants to read it! Hope everyone is well!!! 🙂



    Ladies- if you are craving something sweet, you’ve got to try the Burger King Butterfinger Creme Pie…it’s HEAVENLY! Darn it, now I’m going to be craving these things!



    So a little advice. I always use to have a normal 28 day cycle. Now that I am off BC my last two periods have been 37 and 30 days so should I use 37 or 30 days to calculate my big O or should I use the average of the two which is 34 days or the normal 28 days?



    Why are you scared? Is anything wrong or is it just the anticipation? Or something else?



    The funny thing is weegee, I understood it lol! I had a new phone yesterday as well, so just getting used to it as well?? Finally joined the iPhone 4 club! Although gotta go back to vodaphone today as I can’t get a bloody signal! I noticed your free piccies, but need to log onto laptop for a better look.. Ping you later x



    When did y’all get your first BFP? I took a test today. I’m pretty sure I am 9DPO and I got a BFP! Is this pretty reliable?



    Thanks Di-Smiley for the advice..I know I ovulated on Saturday the same day I got the pos opk bc it hurt like hell. I only had a little cm. No biggie. Guess its just a waiting game now:)



    Diane – I totally agree with you. There is no easy way for us that keep trying and it still doesn’t happen, I think I am going to go cry, this morning hasn’t been a good one my dear friend had a miscarriage and I don’t know what is going on with me.



    Do NOT take apart the digi’s that are BFN’s and think the two lines mean a real BFP! Go look and read the part Tales of the Digital. It will explain. Good luck to everone!



    I think if stacy12 had used her real ID and put down facts then we could have an opinion. BUT she didnt so I say congrats cleo.



    I would bd 3-4 days, as it can take 12-36 hours for ovulation to take place after the surge.



    I think thats probably it, I just get scared thinking about it because I got pregnant with my son the first cycle off BC and now im all messed up….but then again my body hasn’t had to re-adjust after having a baby before. Thank you ladies for all your help.

Viewing 15 posts - 45,931 through 45,945 (of 131,346 total)

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