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    Temping vaginally is so much easier! Just don’t fall back to sleep with the thermometer still in there….word of advice.


    xwee.. I was on a mini pill because I cant take reg BC because it was effecting my Blood pressure and I feel like it really messed my hormones up!



    cpalmer – i googled EPO, sounds good as i dont get any good fertile CM i’ll have to check w/ my dr.



    giftsfromgod…idk if you remember me…but we were in the same week together…I had my son on Feb7 and was due Feb 21!



    Am I reading to different pages at once I could’ve sworn I read one thing ,but then it disappeared!



    ANGEL! Sounds good! I only have gas cramps now and then, but don’t have any AF feeling cramps. I’m not due to start until Monday though so we will see. My main symptom is this insatiable appetite I’ve had every since 7 DPO when I had the spotting.


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    WEEGEE~~How are you doing? 🙂



    Congrats Starburst on your definatly BFP!!! I soo see it girl!!!! Sent some of that baby dust my way!!! I still have like a week and a half till I can test 🙁



    well im 8dpo and the watery cm has increased…..and im extra thirsty especially before bedtime



    Lay down Starburst and try to relax….We’ll all be sending positive vibes your way!



    I have taken 3 of the 10MIU and one from DG and also a early answers.. They all have a faint line.. But the digital says BFN!!!! I dont really have any over the top symptoms.. But I didnt with my other 2 children either. Guess I will just have to wait and see if AF shows up on Thur like she is supposed to . ..



    I’m going crazy tonight ladies! My DD is driving me nuts. She actually full on peed on my kitchen chair. She’s 8. She’s asking my the same questions over and over and my brain is going to sizzle! My DS is so needy, and all I want is 5 minutes of peace and quiet! Ok, I vented. Is it bedtime yet?



    5 Dpo, little temp rise! Nice chart! I am loving it! Some of the same odd sensations I had when preggy with my son and TMI- loads of CM! Hubby thinks we are, which he never does.. but this month does… And my son who is a few days from 1 year old was patting my tummy and saying baby the other day… Strange! GREEN2- It shouldn’t change it too much. CRAZY- good luck! I hope you find yourself pregnant soon.. Either way! KARENA- sorry you are having a tough time 🙁



    I know ralphie… I will test in less than two hours cuz i forgot to stock my purse with one last night. Wish me luck lol. But for sure this will be a busy weekend for me and hubby.

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