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    I will indeed spunky – thanks for the crossed fingers, if this is not the month, I’ll aply the good thoughts towards the next cycle 🙂



    okmommy- def no denyingthat


    hoping-for-baby-rob – When I get my BFP with my daughter I had really sore boobs and I was tried all the time but the big kicker for me was when we went out for my birthday (1 week before the BFP) I had a glass of wine and I could barly keep my eyes open I got so tired!!



    college – yea the site keeps messing up all the time. One day its fine another its not!! I always just type what I want to say in an email then copy and paste it in the comment box!!! lol



    Sparky, I was having slight cramps, not like period cramps, but they didn’t hurt .. that lasted on and off all week.. but really nothing today. BB’s are normally so sore I can’t even think about touching them but they aren’t like that now.. they are just slightly tender behind my nip if that makes any sense.. and I am so queasy feeling



    damnkat Thanks, yes I think it must. On the upside ( even though it’s delaying our next month of trying) it means that regardless of when I ovulate, I still am holding to a 14 day leteal phase and that is VERY good. Means WHEN we fall again ( must be positive about this) we will have a good amount of time for baby to imbed!:-D


    baby726 thanks im going to the shop now when the other half gets in so i can test with a clear blue xxx



    Bex – Congrats to you! Keep us posted on your upcoming tests and post a pic if you can! Mommytoabi – that is great news!! Taylor – Absolutely insane!!! You poor thing!!! And yes – my daughter is DONE …well except for a couple stocking stuffers!! 🙂 Damnkat – Wow that will be an awesome Christmas!! 🙂



    Hello Ladies!!! I have a question and hopefully someone has an answer!! I would really like to start ttc as I am 35 and had two m/c before having a healthy son who is going to be 9 mths this week. The only issue I have is I am still breastfeeding and haven’t had AF since I gave birth in Nov. Ya this is great but now I have no clue when I O or even if I have yet!! Any chance if we just BD like crazy it will happen?? Sorry for a such a dumb question but I need to know!!! Please any help would be great….I need to get this show on the road!!! Thanks so much….Good luck to all of you 🙂



    i can totally understand. i am so grateful that i have my girl 🙂 and she is so cute. she’s 3 and has really long ringlety dark blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. the kind of child that gets admired wherever we go! jeez listen to me! but i do appreciate having her. she helps me cook, clean, etc. the boys dont. but that is just what i expected 🙂 the boys are great though as well in their own ways! i cant wait for another LO in the mix :))



    Has anyone had hives before and been pregnant? I use to get hives really badly when I was younger so they an allergy test, but I wasn’t highly allergic to anything out of the ordinary. I’ve been taking Claritin for 10+ years, and I haven’t had any episodes of hives, except for when they tried me on Clarinex–which is completely bogus. Anywho, I’ve not had any problems until like a month ago and I’ve been sporadicly breaking out in hives on my legs, forearm, and back. Any ideas?



    Congrats Mya!!! hopefully we will get some more BFP this month.. I think i’m giving in and testing tomorrow 🙂



    celcius lol i forget u guys have different down there



    Dmmarine, I too dreamed of BFP! I was so exited to test, I usually take DD in bed with us and play for a while before I get up, this morning I got up and went straight to the bathroom :p. Oh well! :p hopefully tmrw will be a great day for you! *fx 4bfp!!! *


    ArcticArlz – when is your due date?

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