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    My DD (16 mths)sleeps half the night in her crib and half in my bed. I find it so funny in the morning when I wake up and she’s just sitting up between us waiting patiently for breakfast. she also sleeps on my and DH’s face at night



    MrsL8487 – I don’t know how you haven’t already tested 4x’s! U might as well u may get a BFN, but you could get a BFP!!! Good luck



    Yeah Chasity – prometrium is a class B drug, provera class D. Prometrium seems to be much kinder to the system, and less likely to bring on an AF if you are indeed in a 2WW with a fertilized egg.


    well took a test….bfn! Well gonna just wait it ou t i guess got some lower back ache and cramps been takn naps with my daughter not usuall but then again af could be just around the corner hope not but been getting these pulling twinges from pelvic area down both my thighs midway…..uhg but they are very noticable lol



    Crystal-the very same thing happened with me. Before breastfeeding I always had sore BB before AF. I breastfed my DS for 13 months and now they never get sore before.



    sarah n liam- i totally know what you mean. with my last 3 pregnancies i could just feel it in my uterus! so weird… i’ve been feeling this bizarre sensation that almost feels like a pulled muscle of some sorts in my uterus area. (that’s the best way i could describe it lol) not sure what to think of that..



    Right on ladies! Cd 1 is the first day of true flow so enough to need a pad or tampon…it seems most of us will be testing around the same time 🙂



    michelle – boo to af! yes according to my understanding an egg is released, then if it doesn’t get fertilized your uterus sheds its lining and then you get af. so i think you would have ovulated. any other opinions out there let us know!! i think there would be other issues if you didn’t release an egg?? like maybe really long cycles or no af at all…not sure what happens if you don’t ovulate and your not pg…



    i found out when i was prego with elizabeth so about a little over a yr



    YES.carolinagirl4cmb i think the sleeping thru it IS THE KEY! it is nasty just like on the edge of nauseous til lunch time otherwise. The kind i have now are from the Dollar Store. BUT I did Walmart Brand before too and same thing.. Thank. And ;)s at Ladybug..



    I used OPK this cycle. I got my first + on cycle day 22 and should be O’ing today. Hubby and I babydanced on cycle day 22 & 23 and I didn’t get up for 7 hours and 6 hours. We will babydance again tonight and tomorrow and then over other day until next weekend just in case.



    Just wanted to say good luck ladies! We tried for six years and couldn’t get pregnant. In April we found out we’re expecting. I hope all goes well with you all.



    Terrapin- probably better to wait for a day or two later


    Hey ladies for some reason my Name isn’t letting me log in so now i had to make anew account! My old Name was ღ♀LadyGodwin♂ღ but it isnt loggin me in ugh!!! I have 4 more days until testing!!



    i have a weird question…i def ovulated today because I felt the pain that goes with it, but i didn’t get alot of CM….what’s up with that

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