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    hi ladies. im 6dpo and i feel so down this morning. i just feel like cryin about all this baby stuff by boobs are so sore but not a pregnancy symptom sore they ache on and off during the day and nite :(. ..congrats to everyone for there BFPs i really hope ot see one next week but im feeling very doubtful…but i need to stay positive 🙂



    I love following your stories. And I actually think it’s sad(only a bit of course) that when I might get my wonderful news, that I immediately have to move on. Pregnant people can still offer ttcers support. And you’re no less friends because you just have one less thing in common. That makes sense I hope. Well it’s been hard keeping up with the fabulous bfp February, but a belated congratulations to everyone!!! I personally don’t mind hearing preggo news on this forum-I even click on the weeklies to follow sometimes if I think someone has vacated here…the more chit-chat the merrier 🙂



    mommy2r @ WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your partner!!!



    after my baby, took about three months to get regular, even though I was breast feeding… I have a friend who still has not had a period six months after baby, and she is not breast feeding – so different for everyone



    I have to put this posting again incase some of you never saw it. LADIES, YOU HAVE TO, HAVE TO GO TO THIS SITE!!!! I found it so informative. I would just advise, dont eat while looking at the photo’s. It is things we never get to see.



    ugh! All I want to do is sleep 🙁 So not feeling good!


    Im going crazy!! Im home alone snd i just want to test but i know i need to wait ugh i just feel like its wasting if i take it but i wanna know sooooo bad! My BB’s are sore and stil no AF. UGH!!!



    Ohhh sounds sooooo good Michelle… I bet they won’t have them here though 🙁 … oh, but now I TOTALLY want a Whopper!



    Congrats on the BFP’s girls!!!!!!!!!!!



    why is everyone quiet now?



    Lol Emma! I was gonna go for the iPhone but decided on the HTC desire!



    Congrats Cleo! Congrats Jumana! I am so excited for you. Hoping we get a few more BFPs around here soon!



    how early can someone O after AF?? checked my CM there & it was sticky but also slightly stretchy……there was only the tiniest teeniest wee splodge on my underwear, wot do u guys think? Yesterday was my last day of AF…..



    baby786 – i am good! thanks for the luck, same to you 🙂 i am 1dpo finally!! i am going to poas the last week of october. i’m wondering if i should wait until after our halloween party on the 30th 😉 af is due on the 29th or 30th of october. that’s cute your husband is wondering when you are ovulating because he wants to bd. my dh would never ask that!! but he had no idea i was doing opk’s mind you.



    Hi Jade, hi everybody. Been waiting for this page to refresh for hours, not been working my end!
    I’m good thanks, AF been winding down today, thank God! Been very heavy, back to pre-pregnancy heaviness. I was told pregnancy is supposed to make endometriosis better, but I’m not convinved although cramos not bad at all this month. CD5 today so DH looking forward to some BDing in a few days time, I denied him a week before AF started because I felt so sick! Poor old boy! Good luck Sherry, really does sound promising!

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