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    Tested this morning and got a bfn. I’m kinda heartbroken. 🙁 I just don’t understand why we can’t get pregnant as fast as we used to. I guess its because I don’t have a 28 day cycle anymore?? I am going to get the OPK’s for August (I’m out next month due to family vacation) but the thought just seems so intimidating. I was hoping to get pregnant just by simply trying, but I guess it just wont work that way now. 🙁 How on earth does an opk work? I dont have the slightest clue…



    eeyore its ok…im obesessive sister makes fun of me.



    On to week 6 with no AF and BFN.



    Avenue- I am getting cramping too, trying not to think about it though as I am only about 5-6 DPO. Water CM too.



    I tried to read back 5 pages and didn’t catch all the good news, Who’s has BFP’s? Anywho, Congrats to all of the ladies and here’s to a healthy 9 mos. and congrats to all of the positive opk’s. Kinda boring here CD 6 and can’t wait for next week. Probably will bd tonight for fun, we’re not testing or doing anything this month, so i’ll see how the laid back approach works for me.



    diane, maybe it’s one of our hubby. torturing him to bd too much.



    Congrats Turtlefur, clearly a BFP!!!!!!!



    does anyone know if this site is virus free yet? having withdrawl! lol



    BFN Boooo!!! Just have to wait for AF to come and kick my ass!!!



    Chelsea – I’d just wait and see if your bleeding picks up and if it doesn’t I’d test this weekend.


    Well Alicia we both caved! FRER and BFN……Hoping for af or even better BFP by Monday !



    AHHHH Can’t wait Cpalmer 😀


    Okay ladies… this is my first post here… am so confused… I got my AF on the 11 June last month, this month I got AF on the 14 of July but it lasted only 2days which is very unlike my AF.. damn thing has to stay with me for 5 days… i have heard it could be implantation bleeding… now.. i tested this morning and it showed negative and then after a couple of hours it shows a very faint line… now I know it should not be trusted as it could be an evap line… but i so want it to be a positive.. so I test again but no faint line now even after an hour… so what do u ladies say… i want to knw quickly as i smke and don wanna harm my baby.. no other symptoms except that i am feeling dizzy for the whole day for the past couple of days… with my first born 3yrs back.. i was 6wks preggers but the hpt came back a very faint positive.. .any inputs wud b be of great help!!!!!!!



    i agree ashes!! where the *bleep* are our BFPS!?!?!?!



    So I’m a little worried…I O like clockwork on CD 16 …. well, that’s today and I have yet to get a positive OPK and no ovulation pain, which I always get. I did have some mega ewcm yesterday, which I do get as well. I wonder if I’m going to O late…I makes me nervous. UGH. I have one opk left, I’ve been waiting for me to arrive, I hope they come tomorrow if I don’t get a darker opk today.

Viewing 15 posts - 451 through 465 (of 131,346 total)

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