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    That should say fine as we are not gine!! Butter fingers!


    Hi Lady’s! I have done some reading and it is around day 9POD that the implantation takes place and that the production of hormones begins. But than it still might take some time until you have enough hormones to show for. With my DD I did a test on day 14POD and had a bfn. I had to wait 7 days fot it to turn in a bfp! So Dont give up Hope! I’m on day 11POD and was feeling really bad yesterday so hope that’s a good sign but will wait till day 15POD also it is so hard to wait!



    You want CM to be what we call Egg White CM. It’s stretchy – and that is what helps those little swimmers get to their destination!!!



    Xo- it doesn’t look like I tested on cd10. But every day I did test I’ve been testing 2, sometimes 3x a day. But the opks are starting to show some color although it’s still neg. is there a way to upload them?



    lains – Great that you are on the road to answers and that you are on a ‘health quest’ – I have been improving month by month making little changes to improve what I eat and drink. More exercise too (walking and yoga, nothing extreme). We don’t need to be size 2 when TTC, as a healthy body comes in many sizes, but as you say – improvements to be as healthy as possible when we have trouble TTC can only help, not harm, right?



    Back to cd1 the spotting ceased but af turned up at about 2am this morning 🙁 I know it will happen when the times right just asking myself when will that be !



    I agree drs have different opinions on meds. Actually now that I think about. When I got stung by all those bees. I didn’t call my obgyn I called the er. So it was an er doc that told me not to take benadryl.



    Ink- hold it hold it hold it hold it!!!! Chanting and banging in desk at work. Lol.



    I agree Lisa God does work in mysterious ways 😉



    Not only is it quiet in here but I. Week 4, I have to jump Into week 5 to get an echo hello back… Lol… Come on!!! Who’s testing soon?!?


    we have our names picked out already!!! we like ‘old fashioned, traditional’ names.. our 16m old son is Maxwell Richard (Max is my bfs grandpa and richard is my brother. and if we ever gedt pregnant a girl will be Ruby-ann (my name is Kirsty-ann, my mum is tracey-ann and my nan is patricia-ann so i kinda have to keep that one going) and for a boy we like William David (david is another one of my brothers, i have 4) What do you guys think??



    Posted a pic of tonight’s wondfo. Almost as dark as control! Trying not to get too excited yet, but think I’m failing at that. Can’t wait to hear my second blood draw results tomorrow! Praying they’re good!



    B3thy – I just finished up my shopping today at lunch. Bring on Christmas and O day!!!



    Nicole – my fingers are crossed for you! I understand being inpatient. I might go buy tests tonight. After I used my dollar store tests, I just decided to wait a few days. I keep checking my cervix though. Not sure it will tell me anything, but it’s high, I can’t really tell what texture. But (tmi) I feel almost swollen. Like inserting my finger to check is tight. I don’t know what that means! Oy.



    Heather–Hopefully you’ll get your bfp soon and then ff can kiss your…belly!!! : ) Babydust!!!

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