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    Hello ladies!! Congrats to all the recent BFP’s! H&H 9 months to you all!!



    ughhh the next few days cant go quick enough! im due for af friday. And im like an insane person, googling what people ‘feel’ everday post ovulation. I’m just sure it had to take this month! Had a lot of cramping 6dpo. Now 10dpo I got bfn, but not too worried about it, i didnt get a bfp with ds til 2 days b4 af was due and i poas everday til then f/5dpo. Why do i drive myself crazy, preg tests just call my name!



    you know what TIna, I thought that too. You were really selling that Preseed, Blessed x



    It will in the long run. This job just sucks the life out of me.



    ouch! it sounds horrid. To be honest hun, even if the doc says its nothing major, I think you should go as its gone on for a few days now. What about calling NHS direct, they were great with me when I was having heart flutters! It was stress and caffeine related 🙁 I will try and help you on your wii fit quest!! x x



    I took a HPT today. The line was very faint…very faint, I had to squint to see it. Of course I am going to wait a few days and do it again but just wanted to get some feedback from others who may have had this. My day of conception would have been February 3rd so I think it may still be to early.



    that sounds like a fantastic idea pocahontas – hearing about all the BFP’s each month is a great reminder for all of us TTC’s that success does happen – and often…..



    Although, he would have to be pretty freaking silly to not know already, ive been a terrible emotional wreck, and nasueated and burping EVERY evening, not to mention peeing every 5 min! lol.



    I can post it, but you cant see the second line



    This kind of sounds pathetic, but I got a positive OPK this morning and I’m actually excited about taking my temp in the morning.



    hi all, just put a video on facebook of caden watching , he is so cute,



    Among my other symptoms….I am sweating profusely at night when I sleep only to wake up freezing cold and soaking wet. Never had that happen PMS- wondering is anyone else having that happen????


    Trying….before you go can you send me some of that twin dust too?



    Can I just rant for one moment! My d-bag husband, tells me that he has a sour stomach. Okay- poor baby! AS I AM CHEWING MY FOOD, he then jokingly says that the restaurant ran out chicken and it is probably the ‘fried dog’ that is making him sick!!!! I had to spit out my food to keep from getting sick! If this just made you sick too- to the point of vomiting- then you are probably pregnant too!!! He is a complete IDIOT!!!!



    So if they can put a microchip with all sorts of info in my dogs….why can’t they do it for us? It is the size of a grain of rice and inserts into the inner thigh of the puppy (or kitty)….how about modifying that technology to help with TTC!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 47,881 through 47,895 (of 131,346 total)

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