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    Obs u are one strong woman xx LOL @ plastic paddy! Im one of those too…my mother is Irish I was born in UK



    Andy I test at 10 till i get a positive…



    goaliegirl-i started taking evening primrose oil to thin out my CM and also started taking fertileaid..i used to get tons of CM when I was a teenager and early 20’s and then its like it went away..i know its weird…so i normally get a little during this time but not a whole lot



    Hi Ladys had a question AF was a no show this month and by what it says on the calender i should be ovulating soon….Is it still possiable to ovulate even though AF didn’t arrive this month???



    Oh man thats embarassing Kristin. Once we thought we closed the door to our room, but it was eevr so slightly when we came out of the room later on, my BILs had these weird looks on their faces so I just knew.. they heard everything dammit!



    Hello ladies- Haven’t posted in a while, as I have been trying not to think about it as much to see if that helps hasn’t 🙂 But as I watch my cousin in law get ready to give birth in two weeks, the baby fever is getting worse…Went to her baby shower this last weekend, and got to see the most beautiful US pictures:)…and then today, we got the new that baby’s little kidneys have failed…That if he isn’t still born, then he will die shortly after birth… I cannot even imagine what she must be feeling tonight… Makes me afraid to want another. My last three baby’s have been healthy… So, today I am 7 dpo, with 8 days to go until AF is to show… and I don’t know whether to hope hope hope…or not. Because, if I were to get a BFP this month…it would be about the same time we were burying another…and for anyone who has read my blog, that is exactly how my last babys birth started…. So confused…But still wishing everyone oodles of baby dust.. I apologise for this being so long, but thank all who took the time to read…



    I’m only 4dpo!!! How am I going to make it!?!?!?



    LadyGodwin – Sending Baby Dust your way…Hope AF stays away and you get your BFP!

    My AF is here. 🙁 First cycle in a year that I went past 26 days….made it to 4 days late…than BAM! Blah, but I guess the bright side is my cycles could be getting longer…which is very good! 🙂



    I saw on your page you are expecting your period tomorrow. I hope it does not come and everything is all well.



    I’m on CD 18 and finally got a positive ovulation test yesterday! I’ve BD’ed CD 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17 (had to take a break on CD 16 lol). I’m going to continue everyday for a couple more nights. If I don’t catch this egg I’m going to be REALLY bummed.
    Congrats on all the BFPs! And TONS of baby dust to all!!!! xoxo



    Abigails Mommy – Glad I’m not the only one that thought that. Three of my friends got pregnant the first month or two of trying with their second child, I thought I’d have the same luck. Oh well, at least it hasn’t gotten me down.



    coletter – all the best of luck! Hope it doesnt show today. I am on CD 13 and overslept BDing this morning. Will have to wait for OH to get back from work tonight.



    Im still here becky, its so quiet this evening



    Hmmm….Okay so my cycles have been all over the place. The last 7 cycles were a short 25 days…then last month (super false hopes) it was 29 days…anyways, I am on CD#13, and just had spotting…my last cycle I did spot at CD 18 &CD19…
    I haven’t been using OPK’s because I have just been plain frustrated. My CM has been watery for 3 days now…think perhaps it is ovulation spotting?

    Does ovualtion spotting typically at the begining of the process or at the end? Curious if it is too late to catch the eggie…as we have been bding every other day…and so today is bding night… Sigh.



    TexasMommyWannaBe – Congrats!! Don’t worry just enjoy your pg and think of how many blessings you’ve had through all your life and most of all take good care of yourself and that God is always with you.

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