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    I had a miscarriage I was supposed to b 8 weeks tomorrow but the baby never developed. My levels have dropped drastically. I hope to be back to trying as soon as I stop bleeding.



    hey everyone I have been to the doctor cause i have had every sign of pregnancy and that was in sep. and i have gained weight, and my stomach is bigger and they say im not and lately i have been cramping alot and feeling lots of kicking and this is not my first pregnancy i have 3 kids and trying for one more i say im 3months but the doctor say im not can i still be this isnt normal for me i always weighted 115-120 but have gained like 10 pounds can someone tell me something



    im on day 6 after clomid and still no positive opk, I know I have a few more days but I wish it would just happen. so im kinda of confused on the opks so any help would be great! ive seen pple get pos opks more than one day in a row so in that case do you count your ovulation from the first positive and assume you ovulate in the next 24 to 48hrs or do you keep testing until you get a neg and assume that your last test is when you would ovulate in the next 24 to 48hrs or once you get a neg test again after a pos test means you’ve already ovulated? also when should I expect af while on this med since my last ones havnt started on their own if t effects it?



    Well AF snuck up on me this morning. I didn’t even see the ugly witch coming. CD1 for me………..



    Thanks Beee, nice to hear that I was able to offer you hope. I called the clinic this morning about my BFP and they told me to come in for bloodwork. They are going to do two tests to make sure my beta levels are doubling properly then they will schedule me for an early ultrasound to check things out. I can also say from experience now that Internet cheapie are garbage. My test yesterday morning with FMU had me squinting at a ‘maybe’ line. Took a FRER in the afternoon and the second line was almost as dark as the control line. Its a shame the good tests are so damn expensive. Thanks to everyone for your support and for lending an ear when I needed to vent. I hope you all get your BFPs soon 🙂



    And goodluck two2love and tabs hope use both get a bfp 🙂



    Morgan from what I researched ifs supposed to increase blood flow to uterus and help thicken lining



    amber242: i think sometimes we stress ourselves out so much cuz we want a baby that our bodies will play tricks on us…and i remember EVERY SINGLE day of my last pregnancy i dreaded brushing my teeth cuz i’d get so nauseous and as soon as i had my son, it just went away…so it could be either or, theres only one way to find out.. 🙂 good luck! 😉



    Thanks ladies! I am trying to stay positive! 🙂



    Hi I’m new here, I frequently read the posts in this section and me and my SO have decided to ttc our 3rd child. 🙂



    Britphlps – if you don’t get a +ve or Af soon I think you should visit your Dr



    yeh loupy its boring there noone really posts as often as u guys do ! i eat my breakfast reading all ur posts and i eat my dinner reading ur posts im feeling ok. Very neaseous …. like sweets dont attract me im craving meat bc i keep hoping meat will make me feel better…. dairy makes me puke lol sorry for tmi



    Congrats nixsa xxx



    I took a HPT from the grocery store. Its the kind where you get a +/- . Its says – but the line is Very faint. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m wondering if the test was faulty.



    Well ladies I always take my preggie vitamins and folic acid with a vitathion capsule after lunch. This morning I decided to take them early so I had a biscuit to have something in my tummy. Got in the car with DH as he had to meet some staff and while there I got this horrid nausea feeling.. I grabbed my make up bag and emptied it then hurled my heart out into it. Had to throw the bag away 🙁 lol.. Moral of the story eat before vitamis.. DH was so embarrased because his staff saw me haha! Anyway trying to sell my car and its serving to be harder than I though 🙁

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