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    alexsaronsmom- im in the same positiojn i just ordered alot of OPKS to try and find out if im even ovulating



    tiffyy – I’m not worried at all about the recession. There have been many before this and I’m sure many will come. Things always seem to bounce back eventually. We all just have to make wise financial decisions and do the best we can and things will turn out fine. :o)



    Thanks Mrs. Tranum- I used the Clearblue with my son and I just love seeing that word ‘pregnant’ I have not tried the first response. I guess I’m just wondering if one is really better than the other or not…. I guess I’ll be making a trip to Wal-mart later!

    Good luck girls!



    good morning everyone. how r u



    noahcultsmommy—i’m kinda in the same boat as you! i’ve been ebf and my baby is almost 6 months! my cycle has been regular the last 4 times and we basically havent not been trying since. now i’m getting antsy! in the meantime i’m on day 8 of my 2ww…..



    Ugh, this site hates me today.


    Kayla-no sorry hun I dont-twin brain arghhhhhhh…congrats, what did you have? Did you change your moniker since then?? I have 5 frozen embbies left, we will be deciding over thenext few weeks wether or not we are going to go forward with one more try my september/october cycles…I really want to, my DH-ahhh not so much! He will ultimatley give me what I want, so m trying to make the right choice-the chances of success are very low 20% so going into that mental headspace again is a considerable thought….and you??



    That’s really neat CLEO! Welcome back Ruby!



    youngmom — i understand, and I read somewhere that that is part of the problem in conceiving. WE start off GUNGHO so we dont miss it and end up going for days until we get bored, OR give up! Then we ov. Feeling something similar myself. Only because I work long hours during the week and am really TIRED by the end of the day. I DID get a pretty strong line today but I don’t think I SURGED! Which means we have to work it in during the week when we least feel like it. Don’t give up yet. 😀



    my sister was classed as overweight and has endometriosis, she now has two beautiful children. so don’t give up hope



    cdoyle…awwwwww, that just made me cry…I’m so happy for you!



    Hi, i’m confused i had a period on 9th Jan 09 and me and my partner are trying to conceive, i was due to come on my period on 6th Feb 09 but started bleeding on 5th Feb but not like normal it was lighter and not as heavy with no clots and only lasted 2 days (Thurs 5th and Fri 6th Feb). Me and my partner had sex the Sat afternoon and i noticed a little light bleed but only for about half hour or so… The Sat night i got taken into hospital with upper back pains (nothing to do with pregnancy), i asked them to do a pregnancy test which they did a urine test that came back negative but i still think i might be, just due to the period / bleed had… Can i have someone’s opinion? Thanks x



    babybum…trusting the ‘I feel pregnant’ instinct proves to be correct more often than not…I’m optimistic for you…*hugs*



    seriously though, I never knew I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks last time, but when I thought back to remember if I had early symptoms, when I experienced the implant bleeding, I was super bloated, that’s why I thought I’d had an actual period.



    Operation- did she message you? I must have missed that one lol!

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