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    i hope that the next 2.5 hours goes by super fast and you hear reassuring news very soon!



    The ‘did you feel pregnant and were pregnant’ blog is up! Feel free to add your 2 cents worth ladies!! All in the name of TTC research and fun 😉



    Have u tried OPK



    donna, i will test monday.



    u know what I always wonder?I get all these symptoms every mth almost(although this mth there’s alot more) so I think oh ya this could be it and then AF comes. then suddenly those symptoms are gone.,.so do u think our minds make us think we’re having these symptoms or whats the deal??? but I have to say I have really badddd backpain right now, Im having a hard time typing…although the pain could also be from staying up late studying and not sitting properly while doing so 🙂



    haha irisheyes Love the wording 🙂 Goodluck Bding Here is some ***babydust***



    Ok, so I’m only five days past ovulation and my ovulation pains have not subsided? I hope this is a good sign? It’s only on my right side near my hip bone. hmmmm?



    Steering away from TTC for a moment, does anyone else who uses Facebook or other similar social networking sites, hate it when friends put cryptic status updates up that make you worry or wonder all day? ie: ‘Oh, why did that just happen to me?’ or ‘has a secret that I swore I would not tell anybody’ or ‘ugh, I thought you were my friend! Whyyyyyy? I hate you and you know who you are!!!’



    Good morning ladies! AF is coming to visit today I can tell!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!



    thanks Diane..That make sense…..Silly me i think im going to get one more pregnancy test…I just need that peace of mind.LOL



    Does anyones DH have a low sperm count? Mine does and I’m just wondering if you had any suggestions…how often do you think we should be BDing I think we waited 4 days between times last month and I got pregnant…but do they die off in there after a while? I think 4 days is a long time! I’ll wait if it’s worth it but if 2 or 3 is okay then I’d rather do that lol!


    lains ~ No i figured that, im just hurt and i really hate this waiting game every month! I know we are all here for the same thing and its hard to come back to this site and not have a BFP to post! I just wanted to cry while waiting for the results.



    Damn i wish i can get in here and chat more often my time sucks so bad right now i bought a new house about a month ago and when im not with my 2 year old daughter or working ive been over there everynight painting and getting it move in ready so time consuming and stressful lol and my kitchen is completely gutted right now but when all is said and done with i will have every womans dream (besides conceiving a child) a brand spanking new kitchen!!



    It is bad that I am having a hard time being really happy for my sister in law when she got prego after one month of trying and I am going on two years!!! I am happy for her, but really, inside, all I feel like doing is crying!!!!



    cleo i dont know what to say its really confusing to get positive then a neg. what were the brands that gave u neg. ??

Viewing 15 posts - 4,891 through 4,905 (of 131,346 total)

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