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    my 7 year old was born on the due date june 22nd so it would be nice to have another june baby!!



    *wants a Lil Rocking Horse too* DS could burn a hole in the floor at the rate he rocks in his chair!


    Hey girls-having an awful day today-combined with 4 mg of estrogen and 600 mg of progesterone-I might as well commit myself. Today is the 3 year anniversary of the car accident that left me ‘un pregnant’ at 10.5 weeks. Im also 1 dpt on my last IVF cycle with what feels llike a 3 legged horse trying to win a race… husband told me he was hoping I want going to be like htis-he just doesnt understand. It feels like I dont even have a chance-I know I know-all that stay positive stuff-blah blah blah-but I know my odds ands previous record, and this just does not look good in any way shape or form-so Im just sad that I truly need a miracle here-and you know what-miracles just dont happen to me-sorry for the downer-like I said to many hormones I think-as its just a crappy feeling day……Monsta-hmmm could be! Great news, Di-you finally tested huh! Sorry babycakes Ref-its always good have mommy in good health first and foremost!! Great attitude on ya gal!



    it’s very possible to miss your surge! If you look at you’ll see a great example where the tester checked at (lets say) 2PM and got a negative (faint line) then later that evening got a positive, then the next day at 2PM got another negative! If she had not done the evening test, she would have missed the surge!



    Welcome newbies! Boo BFN nd keep the BFP coming. When I last updated dh and I had to put ttc on hold due his work but we’ve found out what we needed and ttc is back on Yay! So I’m cd10 and I noticed today that I had clear watery cm so I’ve checked with a few ovulation calculators and its possible I’m at the start of my fertile period. I did and opk but it was negative (my cycle is a little irreg only by a day or 2 since having my boys). So I noticed my wetness because last cycle I felt dry which is strange because normally things are just normal (not sure that makes sense). So maybe it was because I was focused on ttc. So I’m going the relaxed approach now



    Thanks ladies, I think I’ll give it a go again tonight ;0)



    I’d be excited about that if I were u


    So, my husband and I are still trying to get pregnant. BUT, he just got transfered to a different city for a few months and is gone 4 days a week. Mon-Thurs. Wouldn’t ya know, my O calender says my days to get pregnant for the next 4 months are Mon-Thurs. SUCKS !!!



    i O 11 days ago-and i got a 2nd temp spike-what does it mean?



    Whatcouldbe- I am glad to hear your doing well 🙂 Besides the little scare.Been so busy over here haven’t even been thinking about baby. Which might work to my benefit but I doubt it. I think I am out this month. Always next month 🙂 When are you going to the doc??



    I am expecting AF in 4 days as well. We’ll see….



    im CD 34. Starting to feel crampy. thank goodness. im ready to get this ball rollin.


    So glad I BD’d last night I just tested and I got a circle with the CBdigi OPK! Hope his sperm catches that egg 🙂 should I continue BDing to be on the safe side? If so tonight or wait until tomorrow?



    10 more days until my doctor appointment! maybe he will put me on clomid =)



    megan~~sorry to hear about your loss and what you’re going through right now. ((hugs))

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