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    LADIES IN THE UK: Did you watch the great sperm race last night? If not and you have time to spare, take a look, it was brilliant :0)


    Ladies I have a quick question….. I just noticed blue veins on my BB sign of PG or AF or both? They are REALLY noticable today 🙂 AF due on Wed I am 11 dpo



    Thanks Sarah and you too. x I can’t cope around pregnant people either at the moment. I just want them all to go away….. it’s awful, and it doesn’t make me feel very nice about myself.



    i am ok hun thnxx, how about you? i am 11 dpo still waiting not testing til 2morrow or tuesday if i can..AF due tuesday



    Woot woot….come on Cpalmer! We’re waiting for the good news from you now!!!!!!!!!!!



    That’s too bad, trying. Although, until AF shows you could still get your BFP. 🙂



    Cpalmer- That makes me feel so much better and i took 2 yesterday that were both BFP.



    Pink- I’ve read before of the frer having ‘disappearing positives’. I didn’t notice it at all with mine, maybe jus research on Google on what you should do!



    haha clay- thats so funny i was just laying in bed and every 5-10 minutes id have to throw the blanket off me and id be like ‘WHY IS IT SO FREAKING HOT IN HERE?’ then throw the blanket back on…then off… haha


    janimen..Well If you were on the pill they might think that’s why. My general dr referred me to an on because my cycles have been running long for the past 6 months ( 40-50 days) even though I have been only really trying for 4 months she gave me the referral because they are so long and after hormonal test ultrasounds she cant pinpoint why. I do have a cyst one ONE of my ovaries that they said was ‘taking care of itself’ and she really didn’t think that was the only cause for the long cycles . She knows we;re trying so so referred me to the infertility as ‘long menses cycles and cyst’ so I would have a better chance of my insurance covering the visit. So we’ll c!! I know it frusterating though because you have no idea when to test or if or when your periods going to start!!! I feel your pain. If it goes on for the next couple months I would try to see an ob dr



    Okay Ladies, I am pretty sad right now. I just test and still light OPK result and I am on CD23 and I feel like my AF is coming and my back is a little uncomfortable what should I do? Does that mean I am close to Ovulating? Please help.



    So i am going on a CD 37 right now, and BFN on Monday when AF was suppose to be here. Do you ladies think I should take another HPT or wait to see what happens over the weekend?????



    I hate to say it, but I suspected her too. I noticed sometimes her ex was a she and sometimes a he. I don’t like to get caught up in drama so I just thought quietly to myself- but I’m glad I’m not the only one.



    So I need help… LOL… lots of it… but there is something the lovely ladies on this forum can help with… I am having a horrible time and have a few questions… I don’t know how to tell when i ovulate, I have tried to do the test and LOL get impatient.. so are there any tips anyone can offer…. Also… I seem to obsess about everything… Like have list of the things recommended while pregnant or TTC, like sleeping on your left side, and things like that… is there anything you can reccomend that are the important things so i dont obsess about everything and drive myself more crazy??? I know not to smoke or drink and things like that,.



    Thats what i was thinking…i just bought a 7 pack so i dont wanna miss it cus i run out.

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