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    my sis in law is 1 day younger than me and she had a baby 1 year ago. she looks like she’s 10 years older



    alicia-n-baby- I went through 75 OPK’s in just over 2 months, so don’t feel too bad. I thought I was a freak for it. I’ve never used the target ones. I have Wondfo ic’s and I have used clearblue digi’s, which get expensive, but I just had to know what the smiley face was all about,lol.



    Hey everyone I have a quick question. Today I noticed that my urine smells strongly of ammonia (TMI?). I am very well hydrated but have been going a lot, even several times during the night and there is a smell today. I have noticed it each time I went. I am about 5 DPO I believe.



    dawn2820 —Girl let me tell ya that pre seed WORKS! Ive been TTC 4 about 4 yrs…well after my DD was born 2005 DH and I never used protection NEVER! So when we decided to have another…i was kinda ify cuz we never did got prgnt within those 4 yrs…so around sep. 2009 AF came on the 5th and left on the 12th so we BD since the 13th allllll the till the 27 : /
    I knw thats alot of BDing lol…any whooo i used pre seed every other day…sooo like the 2nd week going on the 3rd week of oct. my BB were killing me and i had reallly had bad cramps….i thought AF was on her way…nope it was my baby boy getting snuggled lol…so yes i love pre seed…remember a lil goessss a long way!!!! ohhh yeah i also used iso-flavones its like clomid but it aint i used it to help me OV and i used it from CD 2 till CD 7..only for 5 day…200mg…baby dust 2 all xxxooo



    amy, i dont need to book an appt 🙂 i already have the req. form for blood work….my doc thought i was preg last week at DDs appt so she gave it to me then…i just need to get DD lunch and then head out



    Those tests look just fine!! I’m sure you are just getting a slow start with the levels. When I had my ds they told me my levels were way too low and that it was not going to be viable! I prayed and saud no it will be fine! I had my son in my belly for 40 weeks! He was healthy and happy! My levels didn’t go up at all until 5 weeks! You are still so early! Have faith!!



    hello girls, n e bfps??? cpalmer get ur results back?? whats new?



    well ladies progestrone is 23.1 so I definitely ovulated on sunday so we bd the thurday before then sunday and every other day after that. my temps this month are crazy though. last month progestrone was 22 so its a little higher



    u kno they killed for a fetus to eat in Japan? but taht’s around 4 months or so…this is already 8 months…i gues someone does just want a baby or maybe trying to save the baby after reliazing the mom was dead.



    Lovemadeus- I was like that before I got my BFP with my first DD. From 3 weeks cramping like AF was going to show any minute and nausea. When I had my dating scan as I have irregular cycles, they determined that yes I did have m/s and cramping at only 7dpo.



    coco is right, that ‘journey’ video is a tear jerker on youtube!



    Jenn-in-SoCal…i hate clomid because it makes me sooooo emotional, literally I can be laughing one moment and bawling my eyes out the next, very short fused was also very drying on my cm. Between ttc my dd and ttc now I did a total of 8 rounds, conceived dd on round 3 and did 5 rounds this time with no luck. It was my choice to stop and am very happy because this month I decided to take soy isoflavones (natural) instead and I have ovulated on my own…good luck with the clomid, I hope you get the desired results, it did help me out but made me emotionally unstable.


    First off…congrats to sarah!!! I have a question. I am at cd9 and I TMI ALERT**** have been constipated the last 2 days. Also today I have had a lot of creamy lotion like cm. I dont remember my cm from my first pregnancy but I Have ibs so im never constipated. Except my first pregnancy. The cm is throwing me off. Does this mean im going to ovulate soon? Should i be ready for a shorter cycle. Its defo not ewcm. Im soooo confused!



    thanks everyonee!! I think somewhere around 17ish??



    hey wana how u going???where are u up to in your cycle?/

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