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    so today and the past couple days i’ve had a sore lower back and not cramps but like different feeling in my lower stomach. i’m praying b/c this would be baby #3 it’s my body moving around and developing a little bub? oh i’m so excited for the 23rd to get here!!! AHHHHHHHHH



    yesterday I was 9dpo and I took a walgreen brand test that has a + symbol if positive and a – symbol if negative.. The up and down line that makes the + sign was only visible in the light.. Today I took it and I could see it without putting it under light but after 5 mins it was barely visible.. Could it still be a bfp



    Hi my beautiful friends!! im back from my netball trip..didnt do as well as we had thoughth,, got a bit rough as it was mixed…I had soooo many msgs when i logged on today,, but i was hoping to hear of some BFP’s! has there been any?? LC wow!?!? Implantation dip much?? fingers crossed,,, i am still spotting/pink cm now,, my hpt are not blaring two pink lines so i am doubtful!! i had such high hopes and i know all it means is get bakc on the horse and try again,, but i am sick of trotting on thebloody horse…hmm ah well,, heres to another cycle hey.. well when AF comes! ;)(;



    Here is my new test, 11 hours from the last one:



    hey does anyone know this answer. Someone had asked me it a few days ago. Is it harder to get pregnant when you are RH Negative?


    I have a 20 pack ready to go !


    Hi Ladies. I’m new to the TTC forum. My DD is now 9 months and we are thinking about the second baby. Last month we BD during my fertile moments and now I am one day late, but no symptoms. I’m thinking that it cannot happen that fast and that my body is just planning games with me. I’m still BF, but I’ve had a ‘normal’ period for the last two months. Ugh… I forgot how stressful TTC can be!!!!!!


    i cant wait to join you all ttc. I really would love to start early january seem so far away lol. Good luck to you all 🙂



    Lisa- if it stays close to positive even if its not I’d def do a hpt test in a couple days. But thats just my two cents :0)



    Congrats agape! Happy & healthy 9 months to you! For me it is cd 33…. wish af would just show up so I can try again next month. Time is going so SLOW 🙁


    wedward – That is great! I am so happy for you!



    Keegansmommy, I also fluctuate between about 29 days and 35 days. It depends when I ovulate. Sometimes I ovulate around day 15/16 (29 day cycle) and other months my O gets delayed and I O around day 20/21 and get a longer cycle. They say stress around the time of O can delay it so it seems like your period is late when it really isn’t. Are you charting? Do you know when you O’d? For me I never really notice what causes my O to be delayed, it just seems to happen some months. Sometimes I’ll have a grouping of 29 day cycles then a 35 day one, or sometimes a string of longer ones… It seems pretty random to me and I don’t really think it means anything.


    wedward – That is great!! Congratulations!!


    Why doesn’t she bloody give it a rest! I’ve been on here for nearly 10 months and this is her 3rd user name! Jezzz can’t we all report her???



    Hi everyone. Im Alicia, & im 19 and engaged. We are currently trying for our second child. Our daughter is nearly 20 months (3/1/08).
    I have just started on clomid last month, as I only have 1 working tube and ovary.

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