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    so sorry for all the bad news girls, i hope there is good news around the corner 🙂 congrats to the bfp’s! cd10 here and its dragging by so slowly :/ can’t wait for my pos opk strip.



    chica—-its a pill u can read alll about it on cpalmer page shes awesome, and a big help 4 all of us!!!


    Awe I was so hoping to c some BFP news… Boo to bfn… Well 7dpo for me, only symptom I have had is bleeding gums when i brush my teeth, I had this a lot whilst pg with ds along with constant nose bleeds. Cm seems normal, and nothing else that would concern me. Anyway AF us due in 6 days, who can be my cycle buddy this month? I really hope she doesn’t show her ugly face and stays well away so o can get my BFP… Baby dust to u all xxxx



    @ damnkat -> Thanks for the hope that it may still happen. Funny thing is about 15 min after I wrote my rant, my brother informed me that a friend of his is preg. I have mixed emotions over this because she has 2 children that live with an adopted family in the UK, and she has 2 small ones at home and now another on the way. It is crap like this that gets under my skin. The best part is that there are 3 diff fathers.Sorry I am going on again. For crying out loud why is it so hard for me?????????????????????



    i have a question,im hoping you maybe able to help me out with. i want to start temping my BBT,i have already went out & brought myself a proper ovulation thermometre. i just don’t know how to use it ( orally etc ) & what i need to look for in my temps that indicate ‘Ovulation’.. i really need HELP !!! 🙂



    I’m also trying for #2, for those of us that are trying for #2 what are you buying your #1 for Christmas?



    liamsmummy CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey :)) we are really getting the train going now <3



    good (insert time of day here) ladies! how are all of you? im pretty good 12 more days till i can test AHHH!!!



    dmmarinewife… – Wooohooo ! I’ve got 4 more days to go : ( How many dpo are you hun ?!



    *Blessed*With*1st*Baby* – I am hanging in there…not enjoying the 2ww ha ha! every twinge makes me wonder if I will get my BFP this month 🙂 glad to hear you are doing well!!!


    Frizzy, I want a girl too! I already have a little girl, but I want all girls! I think it’s because I come from an all female family! I would be open to any tips as well.



    tahliasmummy – I just noticed that you live in Victoria….me too!!!!!!!!



    okay I’m lost what is POAS???


    *Blessed*With*1st*Baby* – I have not seen any new BFP today!! I am still waiting!!



    so this might be tmi but i need some advise. af started yesterday and normally when she arrives i have clots and it starts with brown blood which im used to but this time no brown blood and no clots…so idk what i should think…any thoughts would be awesome thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 50,266 through 50,280 (of 131,346 total)

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