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    Hey alicia if you like harlan and the way it sounds you can always drop the first letter and mix it up with other letters to see if there is anything similar that you like..
    Tarlan….Zarlan…Varlan…ok some may sound stoopid but that is what i do pick a name i like and see if it can be jazzed up another way at all….



    flmommy – Sorry AF showed up:(…2plus1maybe- I didnt know that about preejaculate either, I just went off what my own OB/GYN had always told me and he said there was enough for a chance. Either way best wishes in however it goes for you:)…kitty79- I started feeling that way today too, I think I am around 7/8dpo. I had 2 REALLY strange cramp/pains last night. Almost if you could visualize what it would feel like if something just attached to your uterus,lol. Today I started getting the shooting pains in bbs. FX….



    im seriously so pissed right now im crying i could kill my sister right now.



    Ladies is it normal for you to have sore bbs from ovulation to af? I don’t want to read too much into my super tender bbs…I have always have tender bbs, but this month each day they get more and more tender…I am due for af on the 15, really hoping it stays away fx



    dnice – are you normally regular? Any signs of AF coming on? I would wait another day or 2 and if still nothing, just go get the blood test. Wendy – I’m so sorry for AF. Hopefully this next round will be it for you! too many – What is royal jelly?



    CD20 and another negative OPK so the mystery of ovulating early or super late continues. The bloating in my abdomen is all but gone now. My gut tells me that I ovulated early since I had the bloating last month after ovulation. Doesn’t leave me very hopeful in terms of my chances this month. Have a feeling we BD’d too late to catch the egg. Grrr, damn opposite shifts getting in our way. Janbaby, I am on my second round of clomid. Have never heard of canker sores as a possible side effect. I have been fairly lucky so far, just painful AF and severe bloating around ovulation. BUT I’m only on a 50 mg dose, which will be doubled next month if I’m not successful. Hope that clomid does the trick for both of us. I have also been trying for 2 years and my DS is turning 4 in a couple weeks. I am anxious to give him a sibling.



    Can’t sleep tonight..going to make for a horrible day when DS gets up..yikes. I have 4 days left of Provera to take..then I sure hope AF isn’t too far behind so I can get to Clomid days and BDing days..I hope this is my month!! Baby Dust to all!!



    Well no signs of af tonight she is due tomorrow . Weirded she didn’t spot today but last month I was a day early so maybe she be a day late now. But good news my DH is coming home tues. his job in Texas is done 😉 I hope his next one is close.



    toomanyyrs – my friend had pcos and thought she would never have children it turned out she frozen her eggs but didnt need to as she got pregnant the very next month and now has two lovely children 6 and 2!!!!!!!! so finger crossed for you baby dust to all xxx



    So sorry seeg 🙁



    emma1989-LOL!!! Sounds like something I might do.



    LOL HEHEHEHE this meds and me trying to type without everyone in office knowing i typed that i’m on cd7 when I’m really 7dpo. HEHE



    Thx Alicia and TABS, I think I am. I will def get on here tomorrow and let you know.



    Congrats everyone on their bfp!! Waiting AF’s arrival today….. Ugh I had a bfn yesterday with a first response so I’m sure she’ll come….



    [email protected], my af is 12 days late. Im getting some blood results back today

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