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    I am new here. I had a Tubal Reversal a little over a month ago and was given the green light to TTC. I am due to ‘O’ tomorrow. And have been BD’ing for the last 3 days. My question is this, From when I ‘O’ when is it safe to take a HPT? Do I wait til AF has not shown up or is it safe to do it a few days sooner and not be completely disappointed? Baby dust to all and I just love watching for all the new BFP’s.



    toni- I hear ya girl. bettere to test as late as possible..I get so pissed when I test a gazillion times only to get a BFN it sux!



    I haven’t had any symptoms up until yesterday, which was nausea and a headache, and today I’m just eating everything in sight. I’m 14dpo so tomorrow’s the big day. My period usually starts first thing in the morning. Test was flat out negative today even though it was pretty darn positive on 9dpo. Ugh. I hate this.



    with my DD though I was not TTC though. It happened randomly.



    I get up at night to pee and that hasn’t happened since last pregnancy which is also weird.



    true, and I always have my doting in-laws =)



    melanieadam — So know the feeling melanie. That last few days of a cycle can be so difficult. hard especially when you want a pregnancy sooooooooooo much. My last cycle was like that even tho not trying. Was just SOOOOOOOOOOOO symptomatic that I started to believe we had some how managed to conceive. Iwas pregnant four s years ago. Again wasn’t trying but tried after I miscarried and what a rollercoaster ride. 😀



    well cd 5 today and nothing yet..but doesnt depend on ur cycle when to test?



    Jude I think everyone is diff, when I. Got pg w my 1st I was 190 to 200lbs around 92kg when I got pg w my second I was 70lbs bigger! So weight wasn’t an issue then for me but then likw the ppl on my DH side r not able to fall pg unless they r under 200lbs so I think everyone is diff, u might not have an issue, id try talking to ur dr and see what he/she says



    Gosh, that does sound like a lot of work. You sound like you would be really busy. Is it your own business? My husband and I have a business at home as well, he is a carpenter but also builds extensions on houses. So he keeps himself very busy, and it means we have a lot of work to do at home as well. But it’s nice that he is his own boss. Means we have been having a wee lie in this week since I’m off (the reality is he can’t get out of bed, because I’m still in there).



    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW MY OPK today cd 9 was negative! But I also have that familiar little twinge down low ( my right side ovaryISH. lol NAWWWWWWWWWWW this is not happening. If my temp goes up tomorrow morning, I’ll know. In the meantime , BD tonite. Was going to wait til tomorrow but guess I better get one in there just in case…. ;D



    I dont know what my DPO is. FF says 10, but FF says I O’d on the 27th, but from what the doc said I O’d before the 26th.



    Took a third test today. Neg. at first but got a pos. after an hour. I’ve got pics and a blog on my profile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



    Cleo…..Maybe u already ovulated, or u ovulate late.



    I have had 7 days of ewcm!! Seems like a lot! I have a 15 month old and still haven’t had my first cycle! Anyway, i think my body is trying to ovulate but then just doesn’t. A few weeks ago i had tons of ewcm them a week later spotting. Then nothing. Now again i have had a week of ewcm, and a +opk today and yesterday. I don’t know what is up!! I am still BF my 15month and it varies how many times a day from 2-6 so i know this is why… i just wish it would figure itself out already. crazy how different each of us are.

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