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    Whats up Ladies! Just bought those Answer Preggo tests!



    Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this site. I’m still TTC and now on my 16th month. Last time I was here I was trying to stay as positive as possible and seeing all the people I got to know on here move on to week 4 broke my heart too much to stay. I took a break from the site and it did some good. I’m on a waitting list to see a fertility specialist but it might take years 🙁 Starting next cycle I’ll be following The Hormone Diet and taking Fertilitea 2-3 times a day. We’ll see what that does. I do have OPKs too so hopefully I’ll be all set to conceive. I wish you all a healthy pregnancy soon *Baby dust to all*



    I forgot about the torture of the 2ww! lol



    depends on how soon the eggs implant – normally 6 – 10 DPO – did you get a positive WCB????!!!!



    Prenatal vitamins doesn’t make me bloat they give me headaches so I take them before I go to bed.


    Sorry for the BFNS, but congrats to the BFP :). Pretty slow in here lately, I wouldn’t test till about 12DPO just because I hate dissapointment lol. GL all who are testing soon



    firsttimer- im 8 dpo and i wanna test to but DONT DO IT!



    Ladybug…. ooops. 😀 Message her . I know she won’t mind. . She has nothing but good things to say about Fertilaid. I can’rt speak for her otherwise and should probably zip it LOL . smiles



    Sorry I was so excited at my positive that I’ve missed the fact that Cleo has one too. Congratulations!!!!



    Well I’m officially 1 week late. No positive tests. This makes me think my cycles are all messed up again 🙁 I really don’t want to do all the tracking and taking temps, but I really really wanna get a BFP by March. So frustrating! Also I was curious if anyone knew a lot about LP?? I know you can have one that is too short and can cause you not to get pregnant. Can you have one that’s too long and cause the baby to develop improperly?



    Cleo, Phoenix, hotlipsmomma and a couple others got their BFP! Loads of excitement the last few days 🙂



    good grief…I am away from here for 4 days and there is a whole new group of ladies on here. Hi All!!!! Well, here I am 10 days late for AF and still a BFN. My doctor thinks that my hormones are still out of whack from breastfeeding my 6 month old and to just be patient. Soooooooooo, I just plan on BD’ing a lot and keeping my fingers crossed that I catch an egg by surprise! I am going on holidays in just under a week. We are taking our travel trailer down the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon, so I am looking forward to that a lot and what great time to try and get pregnant. You hear of all sorts of people getting ‘knocked up’ while drunk and on holidays…so gosh darn it, I’m gunna drink and have me lot’s of sex…LOL



    Whoa! I actually did fall asleep with the laptop on my lap… officially shutting down now! Catch you lovely ladies later – *HUGS* to any having a tough day *Congrats* to anyone moving on to the weekly forums! – come back to visit!



    erika – sorry to hear that. Stupid AF!!! Good luck for next month!!!



    Ruby- if you have to hospitals can run blood tests as well, or even Planned Parenthood. I just find it really odd your doctor is making you wait four days… I had to wait 24 hours and that was hard enough!

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