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    so does anyone elses cycle start saturday?



    Hey ladies just stoppin in with a quick update 🙂 7dpo today, feeling very blah! Still devouring every bit of food imaginable lol what i find weird tho is my bbt temps have jumped up .2 degrees ( correct me if im wrong but isnt that a good thing?) still itchin to test but waitin til next saturday! Well back to hubby lol he leaves tomorrow. xo



    WhatCouldBe2~~good luck with the testing!!


    Kristy2….Is your AF due 30th March? If so dont give up hope just yet, it may happen :0)



    Can be a sign of PG! Hope it is for you!



    Kristy. I get really bithchy and feel like I am getting the flu


    Ok so I am 3 days from AF and still BFN this morning on a First Response Test. I feel like AF is going to show her ugly face here soon 🙁 I do have a OBGYN appointment tomorrow for my yearly make they can see why I have been so sick and my hormones are a lil crazy since my reg doc cant figure it out LOL!


    lol avas



    I just got curious and felt inside to see if there was any sign that my period was coming and there was nothing…pretty dry actually. And I felt my cervix – don’t know what I was feeling for but it was high and kind of firm. Also I felt all over and could not find an opening.



    MrsL8487 – I really have no idea which is best, I just see a lot of ppl talking about that test so I bought it! I tested today and of course got a bfn(8 or 9 dpo)….i will test again saturday… you ‘feel’ pregnant?


    donna and terrac thanks again!! Us ladies have so may hormones that I can’t keep up! Now if I could just get these dang cycles under 30 days!!



    i think im going to go buy some pregnancy tests later, what are the ones that tell really early?


    green..maybe you ovulated??? I’m not a expert at the opk though



    Janet, did you post your pics?


    Mrs Miller~ how long do you cycles usually last?

Viewing 15 posts - 50,581 through 50,595 (of 131,346 total)

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