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    *****Duffy***** – I hope the clomid works for you!! Lots of baby dust!!


    Anyone crampy for days after ‘O’. I am 5 dpo and have been crampy on left side since 2 dpo … not sharp or painful just dull and crampy??



    you can find out the sex of the baby at 16-17 weeks right?



    OK ladies I need to share my excitement Just got BFP! Haven’t told hubby yet hes at work anyone have any clever ways of sharing the news we have 2 kids already a 6 yr old and a 6 month old.



    LaChica: If you want to know all about Soy Isoflavones (they are pills – not the soy milk you can buy), have a look at CPalmer’s blog about them – all the info is in there 🙂



    Im in the same boat liams. I shouyld be about 8dpo. Hopefully i am not imagining it but my bb feel slightly more dense. Finding that i am starving more often. Will probably test Saturday morning. I keep telling myself that ill wait but whos kidding who. lol



    yeah k, this is the second time it happened to me lol



    Amy- after my 2 miscarriages my cycles became 35 days. Every 5 weeks on the dot



    Fluffy, I have a link to my webpage that has lots of info about TTC on it – info on OPKs and how to track temp are all there:



    Congrats Liamsmummy 🙂


    diane-taketwo – Your probably right!! LOL That would be funny!!



    Hi ladies, cd 21 for me and still got a neg OPK yesterday afternoon. I’m only testing once a day as I’m using the Clearblue Digi ones and they are quite expensive. I would have loved to maybe do one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but that’s a bit heavy on the pocket… I have a question, I’m rather confused… How do you know when is exactly 1 DPO?? Because if you get ‘n + OPK it means you will ‘O’ say anything up to 36 hours. So do you count DPO 1 as the day after your + OPK? Or the next day? I know it maybe won’t make such a huge difference anyway, but I was thinking on when you start testing with a HPT, if you are “10 DPO”, maybe you “o’ed” 36 hrs after the + OPK so then you are not 10 DPO but maybe only 8 DPO, all depending on when you actually “O’ed”. Does this even make sense now? Sorry for the long post!


    *Blessed*With*1st*Baby* – Would like a boy but I have names picked out for both!!



    Katmomma good luck can’t wait to hear the great news!!!!!!



    @ GG what ever works best for you, I’ve only had one BFP that was with my DS and it was a stores own brand (I was 7 weeks gone and it was a suprise), I’ve got clearblues both digi and non digi in a box good to go for a week tomorrow testing but they were on offer, I can’t afford to buy the expensive tests on a regular basis.

Viewing 15 posts - 50,776 through 50,790 (of 131,346 total)

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