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    Has anyone been put on a pill to get your period? if so, how long did it take for you to get your period? I have 10 pills once a day. Still havent gotten it. (only on day 4) and were you really emotional from it? I feel like i’m psycho, i’m happy, mad and crying within 5 minutes, my DH is worried about me, i cant help it.



    mrs – I’m really sorry to hear about your losses. I’m praying for you and hope that this time it works out… Who knows, maybe you WILL have twins!



    thanx alex, i hope so 🙂



    well i think that i am fine the only thing that is getting me right now is the M/S because with my lil girl i was hardly sick at all.. so… but other then that it feels just before… and this doctor is the closest to my home, every where else is 45min to an hour away… and the last labor went fast to be my first.. i was only at the hospital for 4 hours before my ava was born… so… as long as i get in to see them soon.. i think that i will stick with them.. they said it should only be a couple of days.. i told DH that i would give them a week and if they didnt call back that i would call them again and see and if they still cant see me then its off to another doc…



    Peaches, I had a hard pregnancy and delivery with my DD but you are right, I would do it again in a second!! I know it’s hard not having family approval, but I am sure she will come around!



    hmmm u are getting my hopes up now! Go test again now! I can’t wait! LOL



    SilentAngel-Sending you buckets & buckets of luck and rolls & rolls of sticky baby dust!!


    Baby dust *T*..fingers crossed you get the right result!! 🙂 think i might be out this month but still have a few days left! have 1 Clearblue digi test left so might take it on monday morning


    How many others have gotten a false positive after the HPT has sat in the trash for a few hours? Mine was negative yesterday but when I looked in the trash (SAME AS LAWWA) it was positive! (12 hours went by) I know it’s not really supposed to count but I’d believe it wasn’t true only if this thing happens all the time! what’s the deal?? Are Lawwa and I being punked together??? LOL.



    I want m/s!!! it sounds mad, but it would let me know that things are progressing in there.



    Thanks Phoenix!! A little history here folks, Phoenix and I go back to my very first post on the TTC Forum 😉



    Hey everyone! I’ve been stayiong away from the TTC board b/c I thought I was becoming too consumed. Unfortunately being away has not helped. AF just left so I’m ready to start BDing again. We’re going to shoot for every other day. We’ll see.



    Alright ladies AF is due on Wednesday…when should I test?



    i think the walmart brand is called pre-concieve?? not too sure cuz I order preseed on line…



    All I was meaning is it is not a golden rule that it will happen from 5-9 days after the last pill. I know others who have taken it and not had any issues with anything else and either miss a month of O or O later than expected. I was not trying to undermind anyone.

Viewing 15 posts - 50,986 through 51,000 (of 131,346 total)

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