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    its been 31 day since my last period, am I pregnant again? I took a test monday and was neg. but still no period two days later and I’m not stressed bout anything!



    Well i am currently running at 5 days late was going to do a test today and me and my husband couldn’t wait so done one last night and got a BFN so its a waiting game now!



    I have hypothyroidism and just got my blood tested the other day to see where my levles were at. they just called back and said that my levels were low and they had to up my dose of meds. could this be caused b/c i might be preggers??? i started to feel really tired about a week and a half ago (like i was pregnant) it just came on all of the sudden which is why i think im pregnant. they also did a blood test to see if i was positve and it came back neg, but they said it could have come bag neg b/c it was too early to test. ANY THOUGHTS???? PLEASE POST ON MY PAGE. THANKS!!


    ahhhhhhhh ladies i am going to go crazy. I use to be on 28 day cycle but now i think i am on 32 cycle cause of last month. I swear i try to relax but its not working anymore. I don’t think i will ever get pregnant again. This is just so sad and annoying. We Had sex week prior to ovulation the week of ovulation and this week as well. I don’t know what else to do. I check my CM and i was dead on with it. So i am loss for words.



    Keeping my fingers crossed for you ladies!



    Kayce sounds exciting haha but u r right about waiting. What do u mean you got a pos at 9dpo?



    Thanks for the baby dust everyone.



    I wish you girls lots of baby dust. I’m testing tomorrow again, but as it gets closer to af I feel less and less like this will be it. I’m sad, but I know itll happen eventually. Mrsparker- resist looking at that pg test again(out of time frame). I did that yesterday and knew I saw a second line. Well I did, but it’s an evap line 🙁 I am really bummed. **baby dust**



    Well Ladies, Im in Australia and its 2.30 Sat morn and Liam will want a bottle at 6.30 so I am off. Goodluck you lovely ladies and positive thoughts and wishes for us all.



    older1sttimemomtobe- I heard anwhere from 7-11 days. BUT I wouldn’t start testing for 11 or 12 days anyway. BUT I wish you LUCK! SO EXCITING isn’t it?



    i have question ladies if any of u know if its ok to put nail extension while ttc or pregnant?? or does the it effect


    So where is everyone in their cycles again? Looking for my testing buddies! I’m 9dpo



    Well I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna go off now. I’ve just had a text from my sis to ask if I will babysit my niece at lunchtime for a couple of hours, so I’d better go shower and get myself together. It’s been nice speaking to you this morning. I’ll speak to you later on hopefully. Have a lovely day at home, and I hope you feel better soon. xx



    3rd try- what did you mean by you always got a line with dollar store tests? A positive line or did you mean an evap?


    Okay so Im in the Staes for a family holiday, and hit Target for a few things, so I thought id check out thier ‘pregnancy test section’ lol……and they have a 2 pack FRER’ here that test 6 days before AF is due!! AND they are 2 for 8.99$ IM IN HEAVAN-bought the whole freakin shelf!!!! To all my fellow Canuck friends, Im back here December 27th, ifyou want me to pick you up some, and ill post them to you! Wohhoo now I can test cd 23!!!

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