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    afternoon ladies. cd 46 here. going to dr. tomorrow looking forward to it, to see why af is soooo late



    Mama Bri
    i live in cassleman ont, near ottawa ont



    one more hour until the dr. to see what’s going on. I feel so nauseous today. I don’t know if it’s nerves before the dr. or what



    So I took a hpt this eve @ 10dop and neg 🙁 really hoping its just that I tested too early!!!



    guynn, did you already ovulate? sorry if I am missing an earlier post, but it has been a busy day here! It sounds like you have the fertile CM now if it is stretchy like egg whites, and if AF is not due for another 11 days or so, it is possible to be O’ing now.



    Dawnofbaby2please, AF is due on the 1st for me too. Can we be testing buddies? I need some encouragement, coz this TWW is really taking forever.



    except that DH liked me having them around because I could get the urge to test out of my system and not put a hole in the wallet lol



    KATIEJL – Don’t worry about cheating. I would have done it too but I was at the bathroom at 4am and didn’t even think about it until I was done. It’s our wedding anniversary today and that was the only reason why I wanted to test. I know it’s way too early to test for me. Really neat we both have Xaviers, great name isn’t it! MEALS – I’ve added you to the group! But at 9dpo it might still be early. Sounds like the test you did was defective. RHIRHI – wish that AF stays away, have you tested yet? FINALLY A MOMMY – I’m not sure if it’s true for the Soy Isoflavones but I took it this month for the first time and did it on day 3-7, if I get pregnant I’ll let you know if I get twins haha!



    Hi tiffyy – how did it go?



    I took a FRER test though and it still came out negative and I am 13 DPO and I should be having my period tmrw or on the sixth. So should I test after those days even though FRER says negative?



    rylans i sent a message to ohmy3littlemonkeys 🙂 emma – i haven’t had any other symptoms other than feeling crampy and af is not here and i’m cd 53.


    congrats to you tummy mummy and yay to alicia and sonic on the positive OPK…cycle buddies are such a nice support system! Diva_ im sorry youre having such a difficult time…hopefully things turn around soon! thank you babedci 🙂 hopefully this will finally be my month…if so ill be due on my sisters brithday lol. Britphlps- i do not buy any of my things online even though it would prolly be cheaper…i use FRER pregnancy tests and clear bue digital OPK Alicia- are you using the clear blue digi? if so it does say to use first morning urine…odd i know but who knows! maybe you O’d twice lol it CAN happen time to get busy ladies!!!!



    lol diane, im so psyched, im sooo blogging about this lmao



    britphlps – hmm that’s interesting!! 4-5dpo is SUPER early…the earliest most test pick up is 9-10dpo…give it another 8 days or so and test again!! 🙂 mommytoabi – So good to see you back here!! I’m still here!!! :/ I wish you the best!!! Sorry for all the BFN’s – Hoping some BFP come on here very soon! Babedci – I will be testing around then!! 🙂 amw – I think clear blue is the only OPK’s that say FMU…most say afternoon/evening!! But I did get my only pos OPK’s in the morning and none in the evenings!! :-O blessedbee – Ewwww haha For me its either 4dpo or 9dpo!! Ahhh I think I will be using up all the IC HPT in the up coming weeks!! lol



    Thanks Diane, interesting!!

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