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    Hey for all of you TTC. I saw lots of ladies on getting tarot readings online from a women who specializes in TTC readings. Here is her page if anyone is interested. I’m going to email her today and ask about the gender of my baby. I just got my BFP a week and a half ago. Just thought it looked fun! Here is the website.
    Here are some people on babymed who blogged about it if you want to see what they had to say



    kirsty- so are you O’ing on CD 10? Do you OPK?



    If I didn’t have a lot of time put into my profile maybe I would change it, but I’m too lazy to do all that work again… *sigh* 😉


    LKDream- You are not out yet!!! AF hasn’t showed so maybe levels just aren’t high enough yet.. Xxx



    mommyof3 – i had the same dream a few nights ago, in my dream i looked down and was gushing blood, eewwwww i know!


    So my cm is super stretchy when I wiped 🙂 so I put some preseed in!! This is my 1st time using preseed and I must say it is a little funny feeling and I didn’t put the whole recommend amount. Oh well guess when my 15 minutes is up then we will bd!!! Soo hope we catch our egg this month 🙂 Jenn- maybe we can be cycle buddies. Trying- use that preseed and BD lol!!



    The extra shake I gave the tree for you worked Danah!!! YAY!!!! lol, ok, so you and hubby did most of the work 😉 CONGRATS GIRL!!



    Tick Tock Tick Tock … And4eva…. where’d you go?



    lol by the end of this cycle or till a bfp, i will be certifiable…


    Congrats on all the BFPs!



    hi ladies! i just came from my check up with the obgyn to make sure i was healthy enough to start trying for our second, and guess what? i got a BFP! i am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant!



    i’m CD25 and 14DPO….I usually have 25 day cycles so due any time now lilpigz. I just checked cervix…just a little bright red mucous…not like a real period…i’m not even using a tampon and my undies don’t have anything on them (sooo sorry if its tmi for y’all)



    u sure it’s af dc? y would it be earlier? maybe inplantation?



    Hi all. I’m back from 5 days away, have I missed any BFP’s? How did everyone go on Friday? I was greeted by 29 messages on my profile, OMG you girls have been busy!


    wow…i cant wait til im ready to test. Im only 5dpo. But im gettin ready to buy the tests from Does anyone know anything about them?

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