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    How are you Saza ? I hope you get that BFP hun 🙂 I cant sleep cos its so warm and im wondering whether to start ttc again when AF arrives or is it too soon I just dont know *sigh* I had some spotting today it was a pink streak on the TP and nothing more im on CD18 and its dragging but i need to make a decision what im gonna do next cycle



    After a couple days of seeing BFP al this AF talk 🙁 Keegansmommy: sorry to hear about that, what a rain on your parade!! Still keep hope, you haven’t got your AF so maybe?? Mommy2anl: I feel you, I am constantly running around and its like my husband doesn’t ever notice, if I want stuff done around here I just got to get it done or go crazy waiting for it to happen. Well I’m feeling pretty crappy today too! DD came down with a fever yesterday and ended up in our bed last night so no BD. I’m suppose to O this week, not sure what day, and have been bd every other day. Had cramps on my left side this morning so I hope I still had some swimmers left from a couple days ago if I O. If I didn’t O I hope I have some time to get in some more BD. Realistically how long do sperm live? I heard up to 5 days but I’m sure thats optimal conditions. Why now, I’ve been waiting 2 weeks and bam DD is sick 🙁



    eeyore: idk either, i asked her the same thing but i didn’t get it. =(



    lilpa and gen i have been having cm like that as well, but it is also slimy sorry tmi maybe this is our month : )



    Nicole, implantation usually happens 7 – 10 days after ovulation, but it can happen later. Also, spotting can be delayed after implantation too – happening as the fertilized egg digs deeper into your uterine wall. No guarantee this is implantation, but it could be. This is why the two week wait is torture.



    I have been on depo for 3 years- still awaiting cycle 10 months after last inj – so i decided to try opk’s to see if i was ovulating – and i have had 2 positive results – how accurate are these tests after depo?? will my hormone levels affect them??i am also unsure if i am reading them correctly – as the test line starts dark then goes lighter ???



    Well, I still had yet another (-)HPT so hopefully the BDing done yesterday and tomorrow will work. I don’t chart or use OPK; I usually just go by my cycles, which I know is probably not ‘a sure thing;’ however, I don’t want to get too into this because I don’t want to get disappointed. I’m kinda just ‘taking it as it is.’ In other words, we are TTC without TTC if that makes since. Anywho….I’ll test again in 2 weeks. Goodluck to all….Sticky Baby Bust too.



    CD 7 for me, I should O in about a week or so from now. It will work out great since my DH working nights this week. This month I am not testing untill AF late, last time I got 2 false bfps and my heart was so broken when af showed up.



    i have pink tinged wipes right now …. a little bit of cramping … i am hoping af isn’t showing up early.



    Mommy, I know you had luck with those tests but I didn’t with my last pregnancy I was 15 dpo and my hcg was high and I only had a very faint line the pic is on my profile if you want to take a look. Good luck to you I wish you the best.


    I have a stupid question…what is TWW??



    Ladies i have posted pics of my dollar store test and the frer i did today its the last two pics of my profile read and see waht your opinion is i am scared to death



    diane – ooo glad you found something. i’ve found a lot of great things on there



    rachele1201 – I have pretty normal cycles every month but right at CD 13 I get cramps like my period except they are only on one side of my belly (yesterday it was my right side) and in my lower back… it just started happening after the birth of my daughter. Never had it before but it sure is a good tool to use when TTC 🙂 Baby Beautiful – what I find works for bad hangovers is Bacon… just bacon! LOL we cooked up bacon after my sisters staggette party… worked for everyone! Morning sickness… not sure if it work for that!



    hoping-for: I usually get stuffed up.

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