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    I am also 6-7 dpo. Mamabri- oo sounds promising! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


    Alright sounds like a deal to me. she didnt want to do blood work now but said in 5 days they will. my hubby didnt believe the strip was mine so he made me pee on a second one when he got home for lunch. he about fell on the floor when he saw the test line get dark long before the control line….i hadnt seen that look since he saw me give birth to my daughter LOL



    Just a little something i heard this morning: Womens estrogen levels and mens testosterone levels are 3times as high on thursday morning than any other day. If you happen to be O’ing anywhere near a thursday this would probably be a nice day to bd. I’m just saying… 🙂



    lol yeah my thoughts exactly diane! 🙂 seems like its just goin to be me and a bottle of wine tomorrow night after savs in bed, hopefully i will get some BD in when hubby gets home!



    haha mommy. This is why i told myself to stop buying HPT. Everyday on my drive home its all i can think about, to stop and get one. your constant poas is making me laugh a little, thank you for that. I know how nerve racking this is for you. As you can see we are all here holding your hand!


    WOW how did that message get posted three times?



    Ladies – Do you know if there is anything that the doctor can give you to regulate your periods? Mine are all over the place and I want them to be regular. I go to the doctor on Nov 29th. But I can’t wait til my 50 OPK’s get here haha!!! POAS addict!!! Frenchie & Tamaza – Welcome!! 🙂 I hope your stay in TTC is short! Elize – Awww that’s awful!! With the amazing technology these days I have faith that they will do just fine! 🙂 dmmarine – CD4 here and AF is headed out the door for me as well. I hope your visit goes well with your lapband doctor!!


    well ladies just checking in..CD8 here going to start testing for O on mon when Im on CD10 as I have never done it before + dont want to miss it lol Congrats on all the BFP’s so far 🙂 Good Luck to all those testing this weekend + Mon as I know there is quiet a few 🙂 sending loads of ***baby dust*** to you all



    cd 41 and AF is no show. I will test again tomorow evening and i have a feeling that i will see that BFP after that long time of waiting!!!


    *AMANDA* – I am trying for a boy too! I can see why you are having a hard time sleeping, you have a lot going through your mind after the BFP!! I am sooo happy for you!! Now you have to change your profile to pregnant LOL. Do you know when about your due date is?



    bex congrats!!!!!! H&H 9 to you! yey hopefully a few more bfp’s this week ;)) thanks alicia i was thinking there is no harm in keeping a close eye. now all i have to do is gently break it to dh that we are going bd every two days until pos opk and every day around o and when i am def over o he can have a rest hee hee pity they cant just leave their reproductive system after them while they go off to work or whatever and we could just concentrate on getting preg without wrecking their heads!!!!!!



    its soo boring! well the blog is anyways. lol no one really chats much!



    I am 12DPO this is my first month trying so I’m not sure if I want to test or just wait for my missed period. Congrats to all the BFP out there.. and hopefully for the rest of of us its our month!! 🙂



    Yay Eeyore! I am excited for you!! COME ON O!!



    Amw, since you didn’t O yet, you still have a chance to catch that egg this month, never know 😉 Ashlee, FX this month is your month since you got your first AF, I’m in the same boat, just got it at the end of october, but I’m still bfeeding my DD, just not as much, she loves food! :p good luck Rachele, I really hope you get a BFP tmrw!! Nikkipearl, there a few things you can try, its all about timing and stuff, not too sure how it works but you can try to google it 😉 … I have a feelin this month isn’t my month either… I feel like I’m pmsing… I’m breaking out, I’m moody and just not feeling it…. And (tmi) I’m still getting ewcm..? I had some around O time but isn’t that the fertile cm? I had a lot of the thick stuff a couple days ago and now it was ew again… I’m confused with the signals my body gives me… Can’t wait till wednesday to test… I want that BFP soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!

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