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    aluehring – I got my fingers crossed for you!!



    Sparks and mommy me me.. I am so with both you, we can work thru this together.. Good luck to you and all the other women in here, as they say baby dust in the air for all… At Katmoma good luck with testing dear…



    Kaidey I hope its implantation.

    Duffy where abouts in vic?

    Lc I live near shepparton, but my mum lives in mill park which is kinda near you? I used to live in mill park to.



    Vonne0311- Pee On A Stick

    #6817380 – So you can have two dream babies in a row!! Everyone keeps tell me it NEVER happens. Well at least now I know there is hope!! LOL


    Thanks everyone, I really hope you’re in the weeklies soon too. Much love to you all, being here has helped me so much xxxx



    its just as hot here south lol well it depends where u go but east coast rocks 🙂


    Vonne-they say u count CD1 as first day of ur real flow, not spotting as that doesn’t count. So maybe count today as CD1



    Amanda, I can’t really help either. Bding for me hurts my stomach most the time becoz of previous operations not long ago. & when I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t know I was haha so I didn’t notice things like that.



    Hi all!!. Lets keep those BFP coming. Its so exciting to see. As for me i’m CD21 i didn’t OPK this morning because i read somewhere that you can have LH become concentrated in the urine over night. So I’m not sure when i’ve o’d this cycle 7 or 8 days to go until i find out. I have a dr appt coming up fri. So i might get some bloods done.



    chica u can buy it at walmart for about 6$..take it like u do with clomid..they say on cd2 til cd 5 i assume…



    OK ladies i am sooooo excited…..i just went to the loo and saw a small amount of pink spotting it was soo little that if i was not looking i dont think i would have even noticed it…i am 9DPO AF only due 18/th so what do u think?…..this has to be implatation bleeding isnt?….oh gosh i reeeeeeeeeaaaaly hope sooooo!!!!


    and LC/ Luvababe/tahlia/duffy…. ***



    CD25 not sure if i’m 8 or 9dpo. Not really getting any real convincing signs that we might have hit the jackpot but i’m also aware that 8-9dpo is still a little early. Period due on Tuesday so about 5 days of waiting to go. I’ve been using aswell it has live chat for TTc so it’s heaps more interactive.



    If my son Darwin had been a girl, he would have been Eleanor, Nora for short.

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