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    Ok back to work…that was fun! heehee!



    Whitty, you can keep up with the B6 – it is good for you and baby, but it is also in your typical prenatal. Keep up with it if you want. If you do decide to stop, just be careful to wean yourself off slowly. AF is not here yet, due tomorrow or Monday, but temps are dropping, so I know this cycle is a no-go.



    good afternoon ladies! CD20 here. was away on vacation last week. hope the destressing did us some good! good luck to everyone this week and for those still waiting i through some patience your way!



    chasitiy- I used to be an assistant district attorney, so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I am so glad they were found safely.



    Just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE for all the congratulations comments. Been kinda busy so not really enough time to respond to everyone personally. THANKS AND BABY DUST TO ALL~~~~~



    alaina-I got a BFP today! I posted pics of the tests!



    good plan Mrs.Bolden



    ladies a question here, hoping for some help. Couldn’t sleep all night, did a HPT first thing this morning as soon as my fiancee went for work. Well, BFP I Mean BFP, if I read it right. It didn’t even make it all the way thru the window. Used First Response test, as soon as it hit the pregnant line it was a very dark pink line, the control line is a faint pink. So 2 lines, but could it be a faulty test, it showed up so fast I am still in shock. Called him right away. So now what? Is it positive or a bad test. And since its Saturday I can’t make it to a doctor til Monday, and new to this town should I try just a family physician or try an obgyn



    hello everyone !!
    bought some folic acid today .. see if that will work..i hope it will ..!!



    yeah!!! i have cycle Buddies!!! I’m 9 DPO. 🙂 Get to test on Good Friday or Saturday Morning…Super excited!!! I really hope we all get a BFP!!!



    Next cycle will be 150mg Clomid for me. If it doesn’t work I have no idea what I will do next. Hubby and I can’t afford IUI this time so I guess once my doc cuts me off from Clomid that will be it.


    CONGRATS 4TTC5th!!! YAY!!! Sticky baby dust to you and your bean!!! Whoo hoo!!!



    mom2austin- No problem! Sounds like a BFP for you would be a great birthday present as well! I had a little bit of nausea a couple days ago along with heartburn but now nothing since Friday…although today I am feeling really shaky/weak so not sure what that is all about??? I am also very tired lately! Did you have any of these symptoms with your first pregnancy???



    Phoenix, Chrissys4babies, dsquared, clayliover, Abigails Mommy, LilMisK, TTC1stbby, shawshoo, Rainbow Rach, Pocohontas….just to name a few! lol, those names go back a while in TTC forum history! The names change, but the support stays the same! ((HUG))


    Has anyone ever linked Migraines with Ovulation? The last four days I have had an awful migraine and wondered if it could be linked.

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