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    Daisy, I wish I could help. I don’t remember having any pregnancy symptoms with my son. My period was just late so I decided to test for the fun of it and bam! BFP. Completely unexpected. Now that we are actually trying, it seems like I constantly have symptoms… My AF is due on the 19th and I had some cramping last night which I thought could have been implantation. But that’s just me thinking… the only way for me to really know, is that BFN or BFP. Good luck.



    OK ALL! Sadly I have started my BC pill today and I am counting down the days until I dont have to take the stupid thing anymore. I never in my life have taken BC and wish I wouldnt have to now but I really want another baby,, so I will do what it takes. I took my pill this morning, and AF STOPPED tonight! Yay for that! 17 days of AF is CRAZY! Never want to do that again… Ugh… So we are looking like August before we can start trying again. I absolutly cried myself to sleep last night, but I know in the end everything will work out. I just need to keep my mind off things. I think I will lose a few lbs while I am at it and go to the tanning bed a few times… Maybe start feeling good about myself. Just intime to get pregnant! (Hopefully) I will keep all posted! Thanks for all your support! You are the best set of ladies ever!!!!!!!!!!



    9 DPO for me, test again this morning with early pregnancy test and got a BFN. I am not getting a good feeling about this… 🙁 sad. Also to not help matters, I watched a home movie this morning of my DS when he was 6 months old (hes 17 months now). My heart was aching so badly for a baby after that…shouldn’t have done that.



    our close friends had their baby girl yesterday, we went today and held her… so now i want a little one even more.. I am 14 dpo… af isn’t due till tuesday.. i tested thursday and it was a bfn… so i told the hubby we would wait till see if af shows up or not.. i want it so bad this month but i dont want to be disappointed.. sticky baby dust…



    Hi Dawn *waves*



    Hi everyone! I found this site when I was a few weeks pregnant with my 17month old Son but don’t use it so much anymore. My OH and I have decided to try for baby #2 😀 so happy! so this is our first month of trying I used my last patch up yesterday. I would like to make some friends on this site to do the journey with 🙂



    OMG, AF is 6 days late. Tested yesterday and BFN. BB are so sore – feel bruised. Really cant explain why AF is not here other than that I am pg, but why the BFN? I ovulated on Wednesday 24th Dec and my lutheal phase is only usually 14 days? I am so anxious!!!



    young-yummy — I read somewhere that you should either take a test in the morning or wait to pee during the day and drink litte fluids only. Tat way, the pregnancy hormone shows up more concentrated. That could explain why you had a negative test in between. I really hope that my test is right but will retest in a couple of days to make sure. Baby dust to all!!!! 🙂



    Abigails Mommy – i know the LP length can vary between women, but mine is usually 14/15 days and Af usually shows up. I an on day 21 now. What she is saying is that anyone can just have a one off long LP, which could explain why AF has not arrived.



    thank u damnkat; just not sure and right now i have WAY TOO MUCH on my mind. will stay positive, pray for positive and positive will guide me right:0) hugs



    juicypear – congratulations!!!!!


    hmmmm… so as of today I am officially late, however I was charting my ovulation NOT trying to get pregnant yet. My hubby and I were going to try in July and are really trying to have a girl, as I have 3 boys already.. and I used my ovulation kit to know exactly when I ovulated. I was suprised to see that I ovulated on the 17th day.. I thought I ovulated earlier then that. The 17th day was June 10th and I definitely should have started today at the latest.. I don’t feel pregnant yet (I’ve known all 3 times before I was late because of symptoms) but I’m never late.. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see… if I am pregnant I don’t know how or when it happened.. I didn’t let my man near me around my ovulation time just in ttc is so confusing when you try and plan it!! baby dust to all you girls!!!



    Duffy- wheres your chart? I want a peek haha :0)



    mrstranum: good luck hun!! we are hoping for june too:)**baby dust to all, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,or 5th!!!***


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