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    I am 4 DPO and I am constantly thinking about if I am pregnant! I feel like my mind messes with me! Im having symptoms like being really tired. I only have only 7 days till af but this loooong wait is sucks! Anyone else have this issue???


    Cutiepie, I got married in November and I walked down the aisle to a violinist playing ‘Canon in D.’ It is VERY beautiful. It sounds much better with a violin and a cello together, but our budget couldn’t fit in the cellist. It was still so very beautiful.



    Hi girls. New here. I think im 5 DPO tommorow. According to the ovulation calendar i was to ovulate around july 6th. I BD’d july 4th with my boyfriend. I have always took prenatal vitamins on and off before and the other day i took them with some apple juice in the morning and through it up. Now i cant even think about apple juice without wanting to throw up. My BB’s arent sore but feel different. Ever since the 8th i have been having on and off cramps. ot sure if its a pregnancy sign because i get some cramps before period. But my period isnt due until july 21st. My CM is creamy white and a lot more then usual. Just a little confused. Any help here.



    Good evening all of you lovely ladies. How are we all today?? Well today i am CD22 and i have the strangest of feelings in my tummy. Feel very heavy and hard. Been having pains in my lower side last 2 days but today I got cramping in the middle really low down in abdomen never had cramps like it before. Its a really strange feeling. Really really hoping this is implantation. This 2WW has felt like forever. Going to test saturday. Anyone else testing at the weekend.



    Claire-charge: I had my first D&C on the 22/6 then my 2nd D&C on 30/06 and I ovulated this week 14/07 just 15 days after my last D&C. Doc told me I can try straight away, so I have been giving it a good shot! Apart form not having the usual CM, I had really good Ovulation pain and temps have gone up accordingly. I did a couple of things to help try and bring my levels down though….lots of water, a light exercise, good multivitamin, ate right, evening primrose oil, vitamin C, vitamin B complex. Now its up to my body, and cervix to do the rest… has been through alot over the past 3 1/2 weeks. Good luck to you all! *******LOTS OF BABY DUST*********



    ok ladies i had my a/f for 6days . is it a 28days are what can someone help thank you


    Thank you i wasnt sure and i will be BD 😉



    Well ladies I have to sign off, I have to feed the bottomless pit…I mean my son.



    who here is sick of starring at hpts, hoping for another line to appear! Looking forward to getting off the ttc forum and onto week 4.



    GTG spend time with DD. Be back later



    I wish you girls lots of baby dust. I’m testing tomorrow again, but as it gets closer to af I feel less and less like this will be it. I’m sad, but I know itll happen eventually. Mrsparker- resist looking at that pg test again(out of time frame). I did that yesterday and knew I saw a second line. Well I did, but it’s an evap line 🙁 I am really bummed. **baby dust**



    yep readyfor2 – just do it .. it will obviously make you so happy.. its what you want.. you dont need to question that



    af due mon, feeling nauseus today, bfn, 8dpo



    I don’t think my DH would go for that.



    I’m on cd32 and still no sign of af. Lmp 7/3/10 and normally a 28 day cycle..:..I gave up testing.

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