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    hey guys anyone here?


    cd18–you can definitely add nausea to my symptoms!! Just lost my lunch. Sorry if TMI. I got sick super early with my first. The other 3 it didn’t hit me til about 6 wks. Wish I could just go ahead and test, but I know it’s too early.



    The highest I could be is 19DPO if you include AF. If you dont include AF I’m 14DPO. My period is between 26 to 34.



    there’s always hope 🙂



    Plus….FF said I have a possible triphasic chart on CD16



    so I just found this info on taking tussin to thin cervical fluid. I understand taking it a few days before ovulation day but question ending on that day. Can’t fertilization happen after ovulation?? and wouldn’t it be best to have fluid thin while the egg travels to it’s destination?? My temp went up today…I’ve decided to keep taking it (200mg 4 times a day) for a few more days. more thing..I find mine in tablet form at the dollar store! 15 tabs for a dollar. Here’s the info I found on yahooanswers::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Tussin (Brand name Robitussin) – Though Tussin is not an herb, many women who are trying to conceive use it. It helps to thin out thick or hostile cervical mucus. It is important for cervical mucus to be at a perfect state to ensure that the sperm will make it past the cervix and into the uterus. Tussin is an expectorant used to loosen and thin mucus in the lungs. While it loosens and thins mucus in the lungs it also thins it in other areas of the body where there are mucus membranes and mucus is produced, such as on the cervix. There have been no “official” studies noted, but many women swear by it, especially women with a predisposal to the production of thick mucus such as in women with Cystic Fibrosis. Be sure when you purchase the Tussin that you purchase the plain kind with only “Guaifenesin” as the active ingredient. There should be no other active ingredients contained in it. Many times, women on clomid take Tussin to help their cervical mucus. I use it for the five days leading up to ovulation until ovulation has occurred. This means that if you ovulate on day 15, it is recommended that you start taking it on day 9 and continue on to day 15. Plenty of water should be consumed while using the Tussin. This will help to thin the cervical mucus even more. The usual dose is 2 tsp (200mg) 3 times a day. It usually comes in a syrup form. Recently they made available the purchase of the 600 mg time released pills without a prescription. One of the brand names of these pills is Mucinex and can be purchased at Wal-Mart and most drug stores.



    No, I’m gunna wait until 2marrow morning to do that



    Shellyn ~ I do the same thing. I’ve been hold out hope for almost 5 years to have my first little miracle.



    mommy21girl: I love the ( . )( . ) for boobs! Heh heh, wait till your preggo, it’ll be more like ( o ) ( o ) !!!!
    First response will find the lowest level of hcg in your system (20 mIU) – and you can test 4 days before AF… be warned that many fertilized eggs don’t ‘settle in’ though, so sometimes it’s worth waiting to see if your period will be late, then test. I got faint + at 15 DPO, so now I am waiting for blood work to confirm my hcg is still rising. Waiting sux.



    We’ll see… It just wouldn’t make sense this soon I don’t think… But this month I had double the normal ovulation pains, one side one day, and the other the next day. Itd suck if I had a HCG producing cyst… blaah I’ll test again in 2-4 days. I got a positive test at 7 dpo with my son. Pretty early… We’ll see!


    Hey all, I bought pre-seed today from It was from a online business caled 531ventura? or something like that. I bought two packs of the six pre-filled and it came with two free kits of Ovulation tests strips. Each kit contains 25 tests. all this for the price of 14.99, plus 6.00 shipping and handling. Should be here in 7-10 days hopefully just in time for O, as I am now CD 1 and I seem to always O on CD 17. Hope Pre-seed does the trick!



    good morning, sorry about the BFN today hope we get a positive soon. i am getting more excited as the days go by. trying to keep it together, so my feelings dont get hurt.



    Ladies, it’s depressing seeing all these BFN’s….go out, get yourself a $10 basal thermometer & start temping….look at how much $$ you’ll save w/ all these hpt’s!!!


    Sherry, I take the prenatals from Wal-Mart and I notice if I take one in the morning it makes my stomach hurt, so I take my prenatals at night before I go to bed and I feel fine. I don’t know if that helps or if you tried that already. 🙂



    Congrats baby, we both ovulate on the same day. Good luck to you (and me). …

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