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    Krissieh my dear I am so sorry for you 🙁 Vonne I am sorry for the breakthrough bleed but maybe you will get the help you need now to get things really rolling. Congrats to all the BFPs ladies. Woot woot. I hope it’s me some day. Still waiting for my stinking AF… I am just stuck right now. Spent the whole afternoon eating hoping to gain some weight lol. I have started spreading peanut butter on apples and bough some macadiama nut butter and cashew butter.



    thanks south! i hate storms, this oneis looking like the one we had 6 yuears ago hurricane juan, that was a bad one (coulda been worse but…) hanging in there 🙂 hope ur doin well???


    Taylor…I actually did not test until I was a week late and threw up the night before that. I didn’t think it was possible for hubby to have kids (he tried for three years with someone else who had kids prior and was tested and told he had a very low sperm count PLUS I was using sponges) so I wasn’t even thinking I could be pregnant until then.



    Awww sorry LaChica.



    Soladies im sory this might be TMI….But will an increase in your libido be a preggy sighn…lik i have no idea what come over me… 🙂 sorry for TMI but would just like to know your thoughts…



    oh ok…interesting…. I think just start BDing every second day and if you are really concerned about it go to your dr (sorry I have no idea really what is going on)


    Wow bca that seriously is some f*ckd up dreaming lol!



    Lc ur not dumb, I tested at 5dpo lmao so don’t worry.. Becoz I was having signs but I think I might just be over working myself the last 2 weeks. Would explain the tiredness (+ my ‘gorgeous daughter lol has been waking me up at 7:30am everymorning 🙁 ) & the headacke, and the general unwell feeling. I can’t be pregnant becoz of af so I just put it done to being exhaused.



    bcalove, last cycle i told my dh to hide the hpts because i was going a little crazy. he left to go somewhere and withing minutes i ransacked the whole house until i could find his hiding spot. I told him this time to take them to work with him so i know i cant get to them until he brings one home to me lol.



    Woo hoo Chas!! I’m 6 DPO, so we’re in the wait together!! GOOD LUCK!!



    I think your good for today…I would def BD asap tomorrow and even the next day just to be sure!! 🙂



    oh wait let me clarify LOL after i found out i was pregnant i stopped that whole 1000 calories a day crash diet, and after all the morning sickness went away i was eating around 1700 calories a day



    Okay – so today is my testing day – but then in the same breath it says ‘just because it might come up negative doesnt meant you are not pg’ wth lol – so do ladies think its best to wait another week? i wasnt tracking to hectic. and we are not actively ttc but not preventing either. since surgery in oct i had 1 decent AF in november and 3days of light brown spotting in december. I did test on the 8th of Jan – stupid i know – obv bfn. i have no major symtoms – besides eating, moody, TMI – sort of constipated – BUT these could all b AF symptoms to hey. eeeeeeeeeek the waiting i tell u ! MOMMY2 – I agree with all the girls, one gets so consumed you forget bout yourself , good luck hunny xxx TIA FOR ANY OPINIONS ladies xxx


    yeah, I only have 7 that is how many came in the pack. I think I am going to order more online. I know some of you have used the online opk test strips and early preg. test sticks. Are they as accurate as the store bought ones? Also how early can the preg. test stick detect pregnancy?



    Congratulations Bex!! H & H 9 months to you!

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