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    it still my be a good idea hun….also don’t be too surprised if she doesn’t agree with when you o..especially as there is quite a few dips…good luck with your appointment



    refinnejlee- from the research I’ve done some women don’t have ANY issues getting PG bf-ing….but it will change your hormones, etc. It makes sense, really. Your body doesn’t want to support two lives (bf-ing a baby/toddler and being PG). Anyway…DH and I made a wish on a wishbone tonight! lmao He for a healthy baby girl…me, to get PG this cycle! LOL We are strange, I know! But happy he is on bored. Having a second baby is super exciting and terrifying all at the same time! I know we will manage but I want it to be a good thing…not just making it day to day. With DS I didn’t have any fear…but, although I was charting so technically TTC, we really weren’t expecting it. So maybe it is just the thought of TRYING for another…idk. =) But I cannot wait! Haha!


    Got a neg hpt last night so my levels are 0, hope this is our month xxx good luck ladies xxxx



    Last month (Aug 26th) I had a very light and short (3 days) period. Last night I began to feel nauseous and threw up a couple of times. I’ve also noticed that when I press on my stomach it’s hard under the skin, this coupled with the mood swings and abnormal sense of smell I’ve developed, I’m wondering if I’m pregnant. My next period is due Sept 27th so I have not yet taken a pregnancy test but is it possible that I’m showing early signs? Is it also possible that last month my ‘period’ wasn’t a period at all and just conception bleeding? How soon do the first signs show up??



    Lol yes LB I wrote a whole blog about it on here!



    i came off bc on 13th Aug, jst after AF finished so i suppose it could have happened last month, defo had O pains in Aug around the right time but was prob too soon, i was on the mini pill & think it can take a bit of time to come out of your system……so this is officially month 2 of TTC for me, im on CD 15 so if we are Oing it should be around the same time, we may even be HPT buddies, we’ll be in the 2ww together, u can be my buddy 🙂 how long r ur cycles normally?


    Hey gals ((((wave))))) Well all packed! It only took 3 days…….We leave Tomorrow morning-so I will be out of touch for a WHOLE WEEK! rest assured, it is official BABY DANCIN week-and we will be doing lot s of it as we are bringing our nanny on this trip this time, so her and the kids have their own room-SO DH and I have plenty of private time together!!!! I finished my last pill today cd-3-7 , so i will start my 2 ww when I get back-i would LOVE to see some BFP/s upon my return! I will miss everyone-for freakin real-how am I gonna get through a week without y’all???? babydustttttttttttttttttttttttttttt



    @green-yeah for moving onto the next month! I have YET to get AF and don’t feel like she’s coming at all. @everyone-I am extremely nausea this morning. 16 DPO, CD 32 so I have NO IDEA what’s going on.



    Cleo: I am so sorry that you have to be in your situation. You seem like you are such a sweet girl.
    Have you talked to you ex???



    p.s. refinnejlee. What time is it where you are? It is tues 28th sep 10am here, wondering if i will see your news before I go to bed tonight????



    Diane lol u have such willpower if i was u i wouldve caved and tested already, way to go! Lil- i know what u mean haha when we want something this bad it seems like its all we can do not to think about it n hope for the best lol



    monsta – I recently had pink spotting. I think I am 7 or 8 dpo. You can check out my ‘Am I in my 2ww?’ blog if you like 🙂 I totally know how you feel about the over-analyzing etc. I told myself I wasn’t going to come on here today but it didn’t work and here I am 😉 CD 53 and af is still a no show. I am gonna test this weekend if I can hold off. Good luck!



    You all are crackin me up! I was just thinking of all the abbrev we use everyday and are so very used to it. I noticed it as I was reading something on this site earlier. It’s like another language at times! I’m sure my poor husband would be lost!



    LOL ryders why do we do this to ourselves? lol but marie I know what you mean…i told myself I wouldnt test at all untill 3 days before AF was expected…but I finally caved after many many times pasing back and forth starting at my box of HPT lol….jeeze….But Good luck all of us this month! hope you guys get your BFP too!!



    Chances decrease if you BD MORE than once per day – sperm count just gets too depleted – once a day or every two days is recommended

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