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    lovemyfamily- i am going to try that i have been taking first response. i am going to go get EPT. are there any other good test?



    then which form should i be? sorry by the way..



    how long till afterhaving a baby does your period go back to normal my daughter is 4 months old and my last cycle went for 32 days i think an now my period was due yesterday so it will be 34 days this month if i dont get it back 2night is that normal


    xwee… yes I will let you know how well I do with the opk ..hopefully I didn’t waste my money but I guess it’s



    hang in there clayli!!! Ya, I always kept quiet when she went on with her ramblings…it always seemed so fake



    newmama14: I haven’t touched a cigarette in 6 months, and I used to smoke 30 a day. I had hardly any cravings at all, didn’t use NRT. And I had tried to quit at least 5 times before, with no success. My suggestion would be to read Alan Carr’s book the Easyway to quit smoking, and/or book yourself into one of his day clinics. They’re global. The book is cheaper though, and while I’m not saying it was gospel (in fact parts of the book were downright condescending, IMHO) and made me drop them then and there without a second thought, I did manage to give up with very few/no side effects, and I managed to do it in a positive way and with a great attitude, rather than deprivation.



    not since I stopped the pill 6 months ago, they were the same the last 2 months so I thought I woudl be on track this month but no luck!


    xweegeex ~~ i know the feeling, im starting to think i just have a horriblr horriblr MIL who doesn’t deserve my great kids in her life. She is the same way she has 3 kids from my SIL and only chose to fight for one, and gave two up for adoption. But i think it was cause the father of the one she fought for was fighting to and it got her attention cause the father is a horrible person! But the other two are i guess out of sight out of mind and my kids oh don’t dare ask her to watch them for a few hours she has ruiend many plans for Hubby and i. I just gave up and figure things out as much as possible. Another thing is My DD isn’t their real GD but my hubby has taken care of us since she was 4 months and her husband is not my hubbys real dad but he took care of him since birth, but tells my hubby that he shouldn’t be taking on responsabilty but she let her hubby do it!! SHi is a Bitch sorry about the language and they want only to see my DS which i am totally against so they get neither or both and they usually choose neither. Oh and did i mention the GD is not the husbands real GD but he does anyhting for her and nothing for my DD!!! Total A-holes!!! That is my life everyday!!! I will not allow my daughter to be treated like that and she is just as important as my son!! They are equal and should be treated so!



    PANIC ATTACK HAS SET IN-PLEASE HELP- Went to the potty. LOTS AND LOTS of EWCM with a very light trace of blood in it! OMG not the spotting again. and im cramping. Fear has now struck.



    I have never had this happen to me before. This is completely new. Does anyone have any advice or know what it could be?



    hello ladies!! congrats on the positives! i just had my first lil man 6 months ago. i enjoyed talking to the ladies on here so much that i come on here from time to time. i am really wanting another one, but everyone is telling me its too hard and that i need to wait. but i love children so much!



    ambear~~thanks!! At least I’m on the right track!!



    Now that I got my BFP…I don’t know where to go on this site! I miss you guys……it was so fun chatting it up….am I still welcomed for a bit longer?



    welcome hopeful!!



    Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the comments and friend requests yesterday, it was great to start getting connected with some of you! Just stoppin’ by to say hi. It’s been a long hard day (had the boys,2&7, for 10 hours today and it was raining most of the day), so I am wiped. But my BIL and his family are in town and hardly get to see them these days, so we’re going over to play games. Hopefully I wont fall asleep right at the table, haha!

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