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    Big congrats Ambear!!!! Happy healthy 9 months!!!!



    LOL- Yea yesterday after work the rain stopped for about 15 minutes and I told DH I wished it was still raining so I could go play in it, sure enough not even a minute later it down poured.. and I did not go play in the rain lol.. it was too chilly with the wind.



    Dolly, I was wondering the same thing cause I too have been having heartburn and I also had it bad during my last pregnancy. I think generally it isn’t an early sign but who knows it could be! Good luck, hope you get your BFP!



    LOL- I HOPE I can post a BFP 🙂 That would make me the happiest girl alive.. it would make my birthday the best ever!



    Thanks Weegee.. I’m FED up with it all.. took the 2nd diggie tonight, still saying 2-3 weeks which means 4-5 weeks… so my hcg hasn’t dropped significantly enough to put me on the lesser timescale.. I have a feeing I might have to have a d & c.. although I’m only cramping mildly, this discharge does not look good.. It has totally mind f***ed me.. I was feeling ready to TTC again after my AF at the beginning of the week, now, I just don’t know. I certainly don’t want to be ‘still’ pregnant.. I’ve been reading up about the meds I had to take for that bug I had, and they clearly state you cannot take while pg as it causes fetus abnormalities.. I feel SO let down by my GP, they should’ve done better checks..


    The only thing i can find about it is that it can be a sign of inpending AF or an increase of estrogen



    This month DH wants me to stop stressing about ttc. He doesn’t want me to worry about using opk’s etc, but I don’t know if I will be able to control my poas habit. Men just don’t understand!!!



    Congrats DeaS


    13years…wow 2 weeks? I’m on CD59 it’s insane I’m pretty sure I’m Not pg I took a test yesterday. Just waiting for AF but that would be cool if I got a pos on my PG blood test next week ( I’m taking a drug to force AF if not PG)



    omg it all makes sense…lol my body tried to O cd14 but couldnt and i didnt think to keep takin opks cuz i thought i had a pos. and all those BFNs were wayyy to early, im still in this month?! whoaaa


    Lisa..good luck!



    They were the bulk generic online tests, thank goodness. I did end up buying a First Response thinking maybe I got a bad batch of tests (yeah right). LOL


    AF is due in a couple days..very anxious..dont wanna test till i see if it comes or not..gosh im prayin tht im pg. good luck to all you ladies..keeping my fingers crossed for all of you to get BFP’s!!!



    kbaird – are you sure that they were all positive??? I have had quite a few that could go either way ( as it is sometime hard to compare the two lines easily)



    I really hope I’m not ‘cursing’ myself by not ending up with my BFP this month BUT I went ahead and ordered my girls shirts to announce at Christmas that they are going to be big sisters!
    I just want to be prepared..and let’s hope God does bless us with a baby this month, if not…fine, we’ll have those shirts for the future!

    Anyone else testing between the 22nd-25th?!
    With the First Repsone pg test that seems to be about the time I’ll be able to get results!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 51,661 through 51,675 (of 131,346 total)

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