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    Thanks Tomato 🙂


    Has this happen to some… My last period was dec 12 2011 all home pregnancy test are neg. I have a doctor app on the 27 to see if they can help me. My period are every 28 days like clock work, and with my pregnancies before I would get a pos test at 3 days late. Am not stressed out nor over or under weight, and am not on birthcontrol. There are no signs that it will come soon. Do anyone have a idea what can be happening



    @ mommy2aidan -> hey gf how have ya been? thanks for the info I was going to google it but thought I would ask first. @ GG go to the hospital tell them you have been getting + hpts and you are having issues and want it looked at. I agree with the others get a dr that cares. I am lookinf for a new fertility dr as mine onl cares about the $$$. @ Christine gl hun hope you get a BFP on mothers day.



    Sydneyandsara, I feel ya! I have two children as well. A 3yr old boy and a 13 month old girl, and it feels just as exciting and important to get pregnant this time as it did the last two times. I still have a fear of not being able to get pregnant, too. We are planning and hoping for 4 kids, and I’m sure i’ll feel that way for every one of them. Good luck to you. This is our first month ttc. I would LOVE for it to happen right away bc my husband will probably be getting new orders around September and we’ll most likely be reporting there by January of 2013. If I got pregnant right away I would be able to use the same doctor this time that I used for my daughter. He was Sooooo awesome. But no matter how it happens i’ll be happy. 🙂



    I had it really high when I was pregnant haha . And yeh looking after a toddler is draining, + the last 2 weeks I was working a night job so that was draining aswell.. Yeh I would love 2 girls but would love 1 of each so either why im not to fussed. Justin had 2 daughter and 3 neices, no boys so well see how that goes haha .





    I’m always playing with name choices for baby #2. I’m thinking Noah for a boy, and Teagan or Rebeccah for a girl. On that sweet thought, I must head to bed! I’m pooped! G’night all!



    @taylorttc i am now 8 weeks pregnant and my only symptom was cm from about 3 dpo until i tested and beyond… i even tested 9 dpo with clear blue and got negative and then 12 dpo a bfp on the cheapy tests. i would say cm after o is a very good sign FX x



    I’m looking for seasonal part time work. It sucks. UGH! I just need money to do my Christmas shopping!



    @mommytojude Congratulations to you!! Glad the baby train is coming round again. Looking forward to hearing about more!!!



    I had a question..I took clomid this cycle (cd 3-7) and just got a + opk on CD22, so I o’ed a littlelater than I thought I woudl…my question is, I was BDing every other day since CD10..but I only missed last night because I wasn;t feeling as soon as I saw the +opk I jumped DH lol..but do you guys think it;s too late to get pg?I know the ideal is to have BD the day before the + opk..what do u guys think?



    interesting… now I am cramping. my back is hurting. and my bb s r sore .. af due Friday… I’m hoping she stay away. I’m still testing Saturday. if she not here of course.



    Klarasmum, there seems to be a slight chance of more than one egg released either from the same ovary, or one from each side while on Soy Isoflavones, but the reports are conflicting and fairly inconclusive. There is a blog about Soy Isoflavones on CPalmers profile – I have the same into on my ‘Information for anyone TTC’ link on my profile page. Walmart sells Soy Isoflavones, and so do most health food stores. You should be able to get a bottle for under $10. Make sure you read the warnings about trying Soy Isoflavones, and you should run it by your doctor to get the green light. It seems to have worked for a couple of the ladies recently who were TTC (Ashes~is~Blessed and *Amanda*) Good luck!



    I agree with mojo … I had my m/c in June 98 on fathers day and was pregnant with my daughter by August the same year no complications.



    So order is in for preseed, OPK and thermometer. Wow- TTC is getting expensive!!! Clara – I’m so sorry for the loss of your FIL. So young too! It much be so difficult. Your in my prayers.

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