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    THX TTCBBY :):): hope ur right!



    Amw- so sorry love. I wish I had your positive attitude!


    hoping- YES! That is a sign! I just got my BFP the other day and I have been congested.



    agape CONGRATS!!!!!! defo BFP there H&H 9 mos to you :)) well still didnt get out to get a frer but just tried another one of the cheapie one this am thinking something would surely show up at 11 dpo but BFN for me so i think i am out for this month. So Santa, if you’re listening i know what i want from you!!!!


    What is FRER?



    So today I’m 9dpo and I’m getting pretty excited/anxious about testing! I had an implantation dip of 0.4C on 6dpo. This morning my temp is climbing even higher and I’m hoping it will become triphasic. I also had lots of CM the day before my temp dropped, then it stopped. Has anyone ever had that . I’m having cramping today bit I have IBS so I never know if it’s my bowels or my uterus that’s cramping! lol! Recently my LP has been 11 days, so I’m wondering if I should just wait the 3 days and save some $$ on tests 🙂



    Cpalmer – thanks for the tip I will try it. And thank GOD for so many BFP’s I am so happy to see that .



    @ liamandParkersMommy I stay crampy on and offunitl Af.



    just popping in, not been on 4 a while. I ov last tuesday, hubby so busy at work, and me busy decorating upstairs. Only beded twice again! But ive decided to just bed when we feel like it, and if it hapens, it hapens. A lot lest stress! 2 weeks wait now, and im not stresing at all!



    congrats holz…so exciting! H&H 9 months to you!!



    diane-taketwo– i



    hoping for another blessing in some cases implantation doesn’t occur till later in your cycle so it very well could be implantation bleed the average is 7-9dpo but can be 5-13dpo Keeping my fingers crossed for u.



    congrats wantagirl!happy healthy nine months to you!!!!!



    Mommy2onebeauty- I use Fertility Friend, you can use the free version to chart all your findings. BBT’ing will not let you know when you are going to O it can only confirm it after 3 consecutive days of a thermal temp shift. You won’t really notice any patterns until you have been doing it for a few months. I would OPK if I were you as your cycles seem a bit irregular and you are obviously O’ing later than you think as AF is not showing up when you think you are due. A few days either side can mean the world of difference when TTC. You could also have a short/long LP meaning if you think you O on CD 14, with a short/long LP and a longer than usual cycle you can be a week or more off on your dates.


    yeah, i guess ur right..will test in the morning with my boots brand one… propper testing day is monday. its weird i kind of thought it would be A bfp because iv been feelin sick all week had cramps, dp messed about yesterday and squeezed my nip and it wa sore and had constipation…really blew me off my pedestal

Viewing 15 posts - 51,796 through 51,810 (of 131,346 total)

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