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    congrats to all the bfp 🙂
    4 days till af and i have done a test the last 4 days and they r all negative
    my boobs hurt alot and i swear my nipples are a shade darker but i could be imagining that lol i still dont think this is my month feels to much like my period i guess next month the 11th month of ttc might be it then



    Hello. I haven’t been on here for ages. Just thought I’d check in and say gidday from down under in NZ. 🙂
    sandy p and Want2bMOM ……its definitely not too early to be having breast symptoms. Trust me…..I know!! 🙂



    Diane .. please help … after , suspecting an lpd due to my lh surge being at day 19 and ovulating at day 20 .. i went to the dr. and preformed a progestrone test .. however , my results came back .. normal .. now i am so confused becuase my lp is only seven days …. i don’t know whats going on and i am soo depressed ….



    dsquared83 – your brave letting the bloke choose, Lol no way joit decission here. God know what name he would pick.



    Diane – sorry it was a BFN this morning.



    Clay – i am so sorry to hear your news, i hope you are feeling ok under the Circumstances. You are in my thoughts.

    I know its kinda weird to add to this message but some of you know i was scared and upset, from the pinky i lost on wednesday. I just want to say i had my scan and the baby is still there but its too early to see a heart beat, so i have to wait 2 weeks. I can’t thank all you ladies enough for your support and help. Thank you wonderful people.



    13 DPO. Cramps, bloating, irratibility…signs and symptoms of AF but who knows. AF due tomorrow and if nothing by this wkend, will test. Would be fabulous to tell my husband on his birthday that we are PG. prays and blessings to all!


    hey girls– well I got home and took my temp it is 100.1…. then I just took it again and it is 99.6 about 20 mins in between…. werid huh I really Hope that I am not getting sick. I have a bad cough… on a good note OPK got darker when I took it when I got home!!



    can someone give me some advice???? i’m on CD 33 of usually a 28-29 day cycle and still no AF… i have done many preg tests and all negative…. i checked my cervix and it is up high ( i could hardly reach it) couldn’t tell if it was open or closed so i asked DH to check it, poor guy felt uncomfortable lol but he did it and said it was high and from what he could tell closed, he couldnt feel an opening… i’m just wondering what this all means…. it is frustrating me… i don’t know what is going on… i got a pos ( well i am pretty sure it was a pos) OPK on CD 12 and a neg on CD13… so shouldn’t i have gotten my AF by now if i got the pos OPK on CD 12??? so why is my cervix still high???? thanks



    It’s happening again, I started a really light AF and it lasted less than a day and a half. There was less in all than I get in one hour usually. I don’t know what to think and I don’t want to get my hopes up again just for AF to show up three days later and squash all my hopes. I’m not taking a pregnancy test because they always come out BFN and I don’t think I could handle that again.



    — I should say congratulations!! As it does sound like your pregnant!!!!



    I have decided that I must be cuz of that darn countdown to pregnancy website! LOL is it a cold or is it preggers? 7 days till I find out… The wait is killin me! Mouse! U mean u can’t pee on demand?! What r we going to do with u! 😉



    I’m going to the dollar tree on Friday to pick up gift wrap and getting some tests..shhhhhh….my DH told me i have to wait a month, but i cant….so if its a BFP he’ll know but if not, well AF will let him know hahahaha



    Thanks everyone! I’m on cycle day 13 and BD’d this morning. I stayed laying down with my hips propped up for 10 min or so. I’m hoping it will work! We’re going to BD again on day 15 which is Saturday so wish me luck!

    Also I didn’t hear that about Caylee. That poor little girl. My heart breaks for her.



    this is ‘mommy2aidan’ btw

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