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    Congratulations rylansmommy!! Twice the fun!!



    To all of you that have had a mirena removed already…does it hurt? I am a little nervous. I am very curious to see if getting my mirena removed will make me less sleepy. I can’t wait to see.




    Anyone live in the Atlanta area? They have a whole store full of Liberators?



    JamBnell: I would wait for af, then take another hpt. Sounds like you could possibly be! You might have tested too early and that’s why you got a BFN! Don’t have much long to wait to find out. I’m having sensitive breast also, and a little bit dizzy at times, but I have 7 days till af is expected… Good luck! Hopefully you have BFP!!!


    Cutiepie, here is a link to the song if you want to hear it.



    Good luck poofy, hopefully this is our month! For anyone who hasn’t added me yet, my fertility friend account is and I also have a TTC video blog on YouTube! It’s Thanks everyone! 🙂 I appreciate the support!



    hey mrssmith, this is the first time I think that I’ve actually been able to catvh you in the actual forum =)



    congrates dolphin!



    CLEO – We have during the last few cycles but only a little as a lubricant and not a measured amount.



    And, might I add….no two women are exactly alike, and each pregnancy is different. There are SO many factors that can determine when a woman ovulates and when she can get pregnant. It is ridiculous to say there’s no possible way someone can O at this time, or get PG at this time because it isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ or because someone is programmed to believe it isn’t possible to happen that way. ANYTHING is possible. Our bodies aren’t robots….they work on their own. I personally know my body pretty well and I’m going to take what I know about myself and my instincts and make my own determinations before I take to heart what another person says based on the way things ‘should’ work. I think that’s the best advice anyone could give at this point – trust your gut. TONS of baby dust to all! Looking forward to lots of BFPs, including my own! =)



    I feel emotional the last 2 days. I am not sure if this is PMS or what. Evey time I realize that most likely AF is on her way I want to cry. This was my first and only chance until August.



    Lilmeh I am!! Haha I was studying the one I got today swearing I saw a second line.



    well i spoke too soon, af just came



    hello ladies, i have just joined the site and the first thing i wanted to do was wish all of those trying to concieve the best of luck. for all of those travelling on the rollercoaster ride that is ivf, hang in there dreams do come true. i was told at age 19 that i would never concieve. this was heartbreaking but my partner and i were not willing to give up on our dream. now ten years later after many surgeries, much heartbreak, many $$$$$ spent and 5 rounds of ivf i am currently 32 weeks pregnant. my advice to you all is if your specialist does not seem 100% focused then SWAP CLINICS! after finding a great dr. who really seemed to understand our situation we were finally able to make progress. this cycle my dr prescribed me asprin, estrogen and predisalone and it worked! in about 8 weeks time when we are able to hold this little munchkin in our arms all of the struggles we went through will be worth it. good luck to eveyone trying to concieve, may all your dreams come true



    wannabeamum – sounds like this could be your month! Sticky baby dust to u 🙂

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