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    Mommy I tested this morning with the same test and my line is lighter then yours and I know for sure that i’m pregnant.. The batch of test might just have low dye in them



    hoping-for-baby… DH & I have been actively trying since we our wedding 1 yr ago (August 30th) but don’t get discouraged by that!



    i dont’ have any sysptoms though last night i did have a night sweat which i had the last time i was ppegnant and i have eating chocolate but that could just be cause i awould be due to start af next week maybe idk wha to think



    oh no cpalmer….too funny that you are not allowed to temp anymore! glad to hear that she thinks things are working fine…did she have any idea when you would have o’d if it already happened?



    Hi ladies I have been MIA for a few weeks… In fact since the day AF started after that fool played with my emotions acting like she wasn’t gonna show. Well when she came she took it out on me… I think I was a little depressed for a few hours because I want this so much. My husband is still a little upset but we are having a great time trying this cycle. I O’ed either yesterday or today but we have put in more than enough BD. Anywho I have to catch a flight n the am so I just needed to let this out. Goodnight all n Congrats to the BFP’s!



    Diane – I did the math and if I bding 18 then I conceived on the 20th it gives me 5 wks exactly today which the doctor said last week 2 wks but if I do the 24th it would be 26th and it doesn’t add up


    Hey ladies, agape, Congrats H& H 9 months to you xxx haven’t been on here for a few days been.busy working… Boo… Anyway I’m cd9 should be ovulating soon but haven’t had ant ewcm or cramping so don’t think little eggy has drifted yet? We’ve not BD since before my last AF so over a week ago now, I’ve been trying to hint to the bf but he has turned it down twice now, im shocked… Lol he normally moans about how we don’t do it enough… Well he has no choice tonight I’m determined not to miss it this month, would love a August baby…. QUESTION? On what cycle day do you usually O, I know everyone’s different my cycles usually last 28 days, I’m not using opks so I’m playing the guessing game….


    What is POAS?



    waiting… My cousin just went through the same thing and I can’t imagine having to go through that my heart goes out to her


    two2love – It seems like I cant feed her enough. She is such a hungey baby!! I cant wait to see how much she weighs at her 4 months appointment!!


    I am never crampy ever …even right before AF .. makes me nervous .. ??



    I’m 12DPO tender breasts and a bit of cramping – have my fingers cross…but trying not to be too hopeful. Will test on Sunday is no sign of AF by then… 🙂



    thank you amw050383



    Pulling, tightening – any new sensations going on in your abdominal area, or anything you are feeling that is out of your monthly ‘normal’ can be considered a possible sign of pregnancy ladybug – let’s hope!! 🙂


    Candila….. I think even if I were experiencing more I would be sceptic, I’m the type of person who thinks the worst to save dissapointment… Sad really, but its works for me….lol…. Hopefully the sore bbs lead to a BFP for you, ill keep my Fx x

Viewing 15 posts - 52,306 through 52,320 (of 131,346 total)

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