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    af decided to show her ugly face today…so cd 1 for me too thinking about starting bbt this month and seeing if that helps; what day do you all start bbting and how many times a day do you do it? congrats on the new bfps and boo to the bfns and other afs but at least we still have each other.



    go to cplamers page she has allll the info!


    OMG Why am i in so much pain in my pelvic region, its murder, i dunno what it could be. my last AF was 26th December. Help what could it be ouchie 🙁



    LOL LC.. cute one!!

    hehehe.. thankiss:)


    nite2 inked:)



    sorry shouldve added.. per doc the spotting I had in December was a cycle so he saying this why the provera didn’t work. I did not get a cycle from the provera. based on this he says AF should start anywhere between the 19-25. I had cramping last week for three days and it stopped. I had lotion like cm for three too and that stopped. does this help



    ** I ment Grace is my step daughters MIDDLE name haha


    Kristy…i didnt OPK this clomid cycle because i was trying to go the relaxed approach. I guessed when i ovulated with pain, cm, and cp but i must not have. So AF started:( I been having problems with bleeding that lasts for weeks since coming off birth control in April 2011. Something is going on and i got to figure out what it is.


    Fabulous — I am sorry things are not good right now but I will keep you in my prayers– just remember do what is best for you and your children! =)



    @rachele and dm – my back has been nuts for the last week. Sadly not a symptom though as af is here… dm – no twinges, did have them when I was pregnant last time though!!
    Still wondering, does anyone know what’s going wrong if you get several positive OPK for a few days in a row??



    slh & saza – The cycle I was prego with my son was the one time I was totally convinced I wasn’t prego because I had such intense af like cramping. Not trying to get your hopes up, just don’t think cramping takes you out of the game because it doesn’t. 😉


    Happy Holidays ladies! Haven’t posted since before Christmas. Congrats MF! H&H 9 months to you! By the way, it’s true that if you use another browser, the ads don’t get in the way of the message box. I use the browser on my Kindle Fire and downloaded FireFox (mozilla) for my computer, and no issues since. Only INternet Explorer. Let’s see, after a very confusing last cycle or two, I’m back on track. I had the one week on the OrthoEvra patch, discontinued use, started a new cycle on Dec 14 – after a 10 day prior cycle. Pretty sure no ovulation then. I’m on cd15 of this current cycle, and had terrible ovulatory pains on the right side yesterday and LOTS of EWCM. Hadn’t been using an OPK since November, but had some left over sticks. Took one this morning and had a raging positive! So, I’ve been texting dirty talk to my hubby all morning to get him in the mood for tonight! Can’t wait! Baby dust to all!



    Gotta go baste the glorified chicken! Back later!!



    and yeah!!! Congrats Ashlea!



    K, do you have the temping thing down yet?


    my cycles are 27 days honey

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